Thursday, March 26, 2015

the dreaded HIGH SCHOOL PROM!

As an owner of a vintage clothing/millinery shop, I thought I saw it all until a mother brought her 16 year old daughter in looking for a dress, and then complained that all of my gowns were not 'SEXY ENOUGH'......  then we wonder what is wrong with this generation. We wonder why our daughters come home pregnant, we wonder why they have low self esteem...we wonder why..........

I usually try to stay neutral about certain things in life, ....politics, religion, lifestyle, etc. Everyone has the right to live their own life and live it in the way they choose. Since we are the US of A, that rule applies to everyone. However, we must examine society and society's views on us as women and our female children.

First of all, let me state, that being 'sexy' is an attitude. Not how much skin is exposed. You can exude sexuality and wear a turtleneck sweater. It's all in the look, the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you present yourself. Confidence is key and it's one thing that I encourage every woman to have. It is very hard in this day and age to have confidence and self worth when everything in this society is pointing toward, weight loss, cosmetic surgery and prefect 'everything'.  I watch women when they put on a hat. All of a sudden the back gets straighter, the look on her face changes and she sees an elegance that she didn't see before. That is the feeling that we need to have all the time. Respect for yourself is the most important thing.

The definition of sexy means, attractive, exciting and appealing. All of these things can be achieved without exposing yourself.  It doesn't even have anything to do with a man wanting you. It has to do with YOUR opinion of YOURSELF!  

We all have our off days. The days we don't feel like putting on make up, the days we just don't feel well  (today my allergies are kickin my behind)....but no matter how you feel physically, your standards for yourself can never be lowered.

So, in short, if you want a dress where you will be exposed, please don't come to see me, I don't' have short, tight and tasteless.............If you want vintage Hollywood glamour and class, stop in, we will have fun playing 'Barbie'.....and you will see an elegance in yourself that was just hiding for a minute.

Rose Ellen Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage shop
1729 W Tighlman St
Allentown PA 18104

Friday, March 13, 2015

talk, teach and inspire

       Yesterday I was in the shop alone in the afternoon. I have a big front window and that is where I keep my sewing machine and other 'good stuff' to create costumes, hats, whatever. I play old movies on the television all day. These movies inspire me, remind me how far we have come as women....

Yesterday was unusually slow, and so I sat and listened to movies and I was making a fascinator. I had already surged and shaped the sinamay and now I was twisting it to form a shape. I was frustrated and I'm sure if anyone walked in at that moment they would have heard a barrage of ()*&(&%*^%$$&$%*()()(_)$#@%@@! coming from me.  But a little crowd started to form outside my window. First 3 kids, then 5 and then more. They were all about 12-16 years old. I didn't look up, I just thought they wanted a photo with Marilyn outside. But no, they were watching what I was doing. They were probably looking at my contorted face too. But at that moment, I felt so much grace. I hoped that out of that little pod of kids, I made some kind of impression on one. Maybe that will be the one to go on to do something in millinery or fashion. I motioned for them to come in, but they were content to watch me from  outside and drink their sodas. ( I don't allow sodas in my shop)  I was blessed in that moment. To be a mentor, to be an inspiration, to be an idea, is a blessing. In this day and age, we see kids absorbed in their cell phones and we think they are not watching, but they are. They are taking it allllllllll in...and storing it in the databases of their minds. So, if you have a minute, and they are watching, take the time. Inspire a child, talk to them. You never know if YOU will be the one to make a total difference in their lives........

Tiger Woods....

Cate Blanchett

Katy Perry

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A note to an ugly journalist............

This morning, as every morning, I  opened MSN news on my computer and immediately read an article about the most talented Kelly Clarkson being called a 'chunky monkey' because she gained  weight after having a baby nine months ago.

Katie Hopkins, who is a British Journalist and TV personality, attacked Kelly Clarkson by calling her a chunky monkey, and said that she ate her back up singers. please refer to the link below.

Here's the funny thing. I had to google Katie Hopkins because I didn't even know who she was, and after seeing who she was, I thought, well NO WONDER she's upset. Kelly may be chunky, but she's cute and her personality shines through. She has survived so many things in her life and has maintained a positive attitude. She is married and content with a beautiful baby that she sacrificed her figure for. Then take a look at Katie whoever she is, she is thin, no doubt but body type really doesn't matter. . She is ugly...she has an ugly heart and a wicked personality that makes her look pathetic. She has to put other people down to make herself look beautiful. I'm positive she cannot sing like Kelly Clarkson.....I'm positive she doesn't even know her.

Every day women come into my boutique and beat themselves up because they gained a few pounds, they don't look like so and so...listen......really listen to this ALL WOMEN......

LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BODY LOOKS LIKE RIGHT gain weight you lose weight, you have an operation, you have a scar,you have a baby, you get depressed and eat, you move it that important? does it define who you are as a woman or a person?   I have gained 35 pounds since I owned my boutique....I eat on the run, I don't have time for myself right now....right now....that's not forever. I'm sure I will lose that 35 pounds, but I'm not going to even entertain the thought that I'm ugly...I am SOOOOOO NOT UGLY!   The ugly person is the woman that points at another woman with less than encouraging words and makes her feel bad about herself. The ugly woman is the woman that looks at another 'fat' woman with disdain and disgust without compassion, understanding, or even  knowing anything about the woman that she is disgracing.

Chickens do come home to roost, Katie Hopkins, so be prepared for the karma. And thank you for showing the world who you really are. Now I know not to follow you on are sooooooo not worth it.

 me at 160 pounds
me at 195 pounds

and still loving myself.

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, March 6, 2015


As I was driving to work yesterday, Thursday, March 5, I was in the midst of a huge snow storm. My husband had driven the truck to work in Philadelphia, and I was driving a small, (very small) rented car so that I could drive 15 minutes to work.

As I was driving, I wondered who in the world was going to come to the shop today in the middle of a snowstorm. But, since all my materials for making new hats, costumes, etc was at the shop, I decided to go in to do some work and watch old movies. I had my food with me, my chai tea, and I prepared to have a relaxing day in my shop.

As I was driving, an oil truck was struggling to get up the hill. I stayed back about 3 car lengths, just in case I had to go around him. All of a sudden, I noticed his trailer starting to slide over to the right. I don't know what the driver was thinking, but then I noticed the front of his truck was turned to the left and swinging around. I think he was either attempting to turn around (in the middle of the street) or try to gain control of the trailer that was sliding down hill TOWARD ME!  I started to back up, but there were cars behind me. It was snowing badly. All of a sudden I saw the front of his truck coming straight at the side of my car. There was nowhere for me to go. I couldn't turn right, there was a snow bank and I couldn't go left, the truck was there. I couldn't back up, there were cars behind me. I started to blow the horn, I was yelling STOP! STOP! The driver of the truck was staring at me with a look of desperation.  I closed my eyes and waited for impact and thought...I'm not ready. I'm not ready to go....I'm not ready to leave my husband. He stopped about a foot from my car.

The driver got out to see if I was ok. He apologized...he was a mess and so was I. All the cars behind me backed down the hill...and I did also, enough to get out of the way and wait for the truck to move and I went up the hill around the truck.

It was an eye opening experience for me. In a split second our life can change drastically. We can become a cripple, or dead in the blink of an eye. My whole day, I thought.....I almost wasn't here. I almost didn't get to unlock this door. If he would have hit me, I would not be able to make this hat today. All day yesterday I was grateful.....I was grateful for placing one sequin on one dress. For tying a belt, or zipping a dress.

Later that night when my husband came home, the kiss he gave me was so appreciated. It tasted so good. All of a sudden I noticed his soft lips, his beard stubble, his beautiful eyebrows...the shape of his nose. I was so grateful. Maybe this was what I needed. My chai tea smells better, I appreciate my full body, my big ass, and my age. I am happy for every wrinkle on my face. It is still here to smile, and to welcome one more day........................................

Be grateful................................................

Rose Ellen A Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

double standards, nakedness and big women..............

I couldn't wait to come into work today and jot down a few of my thoughts, however ANGRY they may be.

In the last few days we have lost our beloved 'Spock' from Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy was not only a gifted actor but he was a very special person. His quote was, "Here's to the big girls, the small girls and the girls in between. "......How very beautiful. He was a man that wanted to promote positive body image. Do you know how much this must have meant to the women who were in the photos? I wish I could interview them to see how their day went. I bet this one photo shoot changed their whole lives and how they feel about themselves.

What is wrong with America? we get our head stuck up our own butt simply because of nudity. It's a human's not engaged in a sexual act, it's not anything, it's just a body. Europe does not have this issue. But we do. We have such a double standard here. In NYC there are hundreds of strip clubs. These women dance totally nude, but show a piece of nude art in Time Square, and the hierarchy will tell you to put a dress on it.

The be headings  of innocent men and the burning of one was put on national TV and the internet. We watch children starve, people bludgeon each other, and yet, when someone poses in the nude, the same nude body that inspired Michelangelo,  and Picasso, is now deemed as 'dirty' or  'inappropriate'....

I will continute to support curvy women, not so curvy women, in between women, women with one breast, one arm, one leg, no arms, no legs, no hair, .....everybody!!!!  we must treat ourselves and our bodies with respect.  We should celebrate being alive and healthy.

Facebook, can kiss MY BIG ROUND BEAUTIFUL A$$!!!!!!   (too bad I can't post it on facebook)

PS   thank you Leonard Nimoy!

Rose Ellen Moore

Peter Paul Rubens 

Lucien Freud