Monday, June 30, 2014

Enjoy your summer, but don't get drunk~!

 MSN actually put out a list of the 8 things you should not do when you're drunk. Yes, people...someone actually made a list of the things that you should NOT do when you're drunk. I don't know how educated this person was, but they must have been scraping for news today. The first rule should be, don't get drunk, because nothing done is excess turns out to be a positive experience.....and so ......heeeeeeeeere we go! is the first one. Do NOT take acetomenophin. Why? Because it could cause liver damage, even if you take it alone,..... and so can alcohol...therefore it creates a "cluster-f&^%$#" of toxins that could do very bad things to your liver.

Here's the next one...are you ready for this stupidity? Don't drive a boat!  Now that's rocket science. I can't even drive a boat straight if I drank water! This list just gets better.....

Do not GAMBLE!  Chances are, you will lose your money. Guess what? If you're sober, your odds of winning are just as slim.

Here's one that I really didn't know. If you are drunk, and you go in a hot tub, you MAY suffer from dehydration. Your body can not regulate it's body temp and therefore can go into convulsions, you may vomit, and even die! That one was a shocker for me.

Do not go swimming! This would be wise...if you are drunk stay away from water. There is a risk of drowning!

Here's another one that is beyond me. Do Not TAKE SHOTS! Because if you are already drunk, why would you drink MORE?!?! Taking shots makes your blood sugar spike which can cause black outs.

Do Not swallow any kind of sleeping pill or relaxant. You may put yourself in a coma...permanently!

Do not have a thing you know, that person is spilling the beans to everyone in town

These things actually made news today on (see the link above ) and I cannot believe that some of them were even posted. How about THIS newsflash....THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO TO YOUR BODY IS TO GET DRUNK! You may get 'buzzed' may feel 'tipsy' and that is a sign to STOP! Why would you continue to put yourself in a compromising situation?    The first thing on your list of 'do nots' should be DO NOT take more than 3 drinks. If you do, have a good and trusted friend take you home immediately, because you have now put yourself at risk. Gambling, driving a boat, going in a hot tub...those things are not even CLOSE to what is the most dangerous. Because YOU (a woman) now has to walk home, or walk to a cab, which puts you at risk, you must unlock your apartment door, and you have no idea who is watching you....this is a stupid list of frivolous things. First Rule....DON"T GET DRUNK...drink, but have control. Once you give up control, ANYTHING that you do, will be the wrong thing! I hope that whoever wrote this article understands this. Lets start the summer off treating ourselves well, having self respect. Party! YES! Party party party!!!!! but everything must have a limit or there may be regrets later.

Happy 4th of July!!!! from Rose Ellen and Clayton Moore

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Here's to the stuff that REALLY matters.....

As I was reading the morning news on MSN today I came across an article that was so inspiring. I was so happy to see two young actors finally 'get it'. In the wake of Kim and Kanye's wedding, which I am happy for, but ok, lets talk about something else, shall we?  I'm tired of hearing about why or why not with Obama, Congress, the economy, The Duggers, Kate plus 8 and every other reality show.  I'm hungry for a piece of news, but not that news. I am left with an empty feeling and sadness.

Why don't we talk about things that matter? Things that we CAN do something about? Today in the news was a photograph taken by the papparazzi of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Instead of smiling for the cameras, or punching one of them, they simply 'tried something new'. They put their CHARITIES first. They put the needs of others before themselves. Wow..that's a wild thought.

their sign read:

", (and don't forget),," it reads. "Here's to the stuff that matters. Have a great day!"

Here's to the stuff that really matters!   Get it?  

Gilda's club was named for Gilda Radner, whom I not only LOVED but imitated way back in the late 70's. She brought me out of my shell in high school and helped me discover who I was. She was gone too soon due to ovarian cancer. This 'club' is a place that people come to , to 'live with' cancer. This place offers emotional social support as a supplement to medical care. What a great organization.

 Please click on the website above to become a member or supporter.

"The Mission of Youth Mentoring Connection (YMC) is to awaken at-risk youth to their power, unique gifts and purpose by matching them with caring adult mentors and placing that “match” within a structured group dynamic that provides the resources youth need to reach productive, conscious adulthood." 

  How badly we need a program like this in every city in America! This organization was founded in 2001...just think what could happen if we get more educated adults involved in this!

Please click on the above link to find out how you can help!

autism speaks is a  great organization that shows how you can get involved in finding a way to screen your child,  to get support if you have an autistic child, to get resources for information, to organize a walk ....there are tool kits, blogs, and so many informative things on this website. 

Click on the above link to find out how you can help, or get this information to someone who needs help. 

This is what social media is all about. I could post another selfie with a crazy wig, I could promote my business which I intend to do later, but right now Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield challenged me silently. I watched them inspire me to do the right thing. So now I'm passing it to you. 

 Here's to the stuff that REALLY matters....  I hope you pass it on

Have a great day!

Rose Ellen Moore


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This morning as I was preparing for work, I came across one of my most favorite movies on TV...Moonstruck.  I was so happy to start my day feeling alittle nostalgic about my family and so close to my roots.

I was born in Berwick PA. A very small town where 'out of the norm' is not accepted. Where being different means that you have a mental problem. When I grew up there about 85% of the whole place was Italian/Catholic. I grew up happy and surrounded by many family members. I never had a loss for friends. My cousins and extended family were my friends.

Because of life and choices that I have made (with no regrets, I may add) , I am estranged from my family. When I see a movie like Moonstruck it gives me that sense of gives me some warmth, it reminds me where I came from. Even though my family is far from me physically as well as mentally, I still feel a sense of gratitude. I would not be the strong person that I am, had I not come from good stock. I do not hate them, but rather, I honor them for creating in me a purpose, a strong will and a backbone.

I moved here to the Allentown/Bethlehem area about 8 years ago. I was full of tears, hate, anger, and so much negativity. In that 8 years time, I manifested my own family. My husband and I have a 'mom and dad' who are 85 years old and Jewish. We have brothers and sisters, Mary and Tony who are Irish, Monica and Adrian who are latino, Sean Hassett who is latino, Danniella from Hava Java who is international, Meg, who is Italian, so many others who are African, Dominican, Greek, Syrian, Egyptian and Lebanese. I can't even begin to name them all. And for the first time while I watched Moonstruck, I did not feel a sense of loss. I felt a sense of restoration. The people who raised me brought me to a point in my life, and then it was up to me and life to bring bring me to the next point. Every thing that happens and every person in your life helps to create you and to mold you into the being that you are.

At the end of Moonstruck the family makes a toast....'alla famiglia'...'to the family!' all my family here, I salute you, I applaude you, I thank you, and most of all..........I love you....

Te amo...

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, June 13, 2014

what have you done lately?

Today I read an article on Ruby Dee. She met Tyler Perry when he opened his studios. Tyler wrote about meeting her, saying..."I wish young people knew the price that these people have paid for us"....  He meant the older generation. They paved the way for so many things. For adversity...acceptance...human rights....they lifted us to live better and to evolve into the progressive race we are today. We owe an insurmountable debt to brave men and women who put themselves in harms way for equal rights, for humanity, for their culture or their gender. We can say that we remember soldiers on veterans day...or activists on Martin Luther King day...but what are we doing to follow in the footsteps of these people who have paved a very hard road?

What are you doing as a woman or a man to lift up your gender? Are you setting an example? Are you spending enough time with your male or female children to teach them about respect for themselves and others? Are u helping other people's' children when they  have no one? How are you helping your culture of people? Have you supported your comrades when they needed it? And have you done so without putting down another culture of people? What have you as a woman done to help or support your sisters? We need to leave a legacy just like Ruby Dee...we need to leave a message to whoever is here long after we are gone. If we Don't ....then what have we truly lived for?

When someone dies we usually pray for them. We pray for their soul to rest and for them to live in a glorious afterlife. Some of us believe that people look down upon us forever. Well...would they be proud of how we have carried on? Instead of all the prayers...why don't we show them that the greatest tribute that we can pay to a person is to continue their greatest work? Let's take care of each other...let's help each other...let's pave the way for our children's children. If we don't. ..then what is our purpose....or the question would we even have one?

Rose Ellen Moore

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One life...I'm gonna LIVE IT UP!

This is a sign that I saw on facebook this morning!  And it's so true. Even for people who believe in reincarnation, or whatever your religious or spiritual belief is. I ask myself in the morning, if this was my last day, what would I say, would I do anything differently, how would people remember me?  So, I was curious as to what famous people said for their last words. 

Roger Ebert, famous movie critic wrote, "see you at the movies."...

Bob Hope's wife asked him where he wanted to be buried, and he responded, "surprise me."

Glenn Miller who was on a plane bound for Paris to entertain troops in WWII said, "Where the hell are the parachutes?"

Groucho Marx said, "put in my coffin, a deck of cards, a 7 iron and a pretty blonde"

John Wayne's wife asked if he knew who she was, and he said, "of course I know who you are, you're my girl, I love you."

So today I thought of my famous last words, I hope I say something funny, something people will remember, but I hope they remember that I really lived my life, in fun and laughter with alot of love.  I hope you have the opportunity to do the same. 

Rose Ellen Moore