Monday, May 9, 2016

The disregard of a woman's right to LIVE

I have been watching States of Undress since it first came out. I love fashion, fashion shows, different cultures and I thought what I was watching was the way people dress in other countries and how our country influences these cultures.

Yes, I was watching just that, but much more. I started with States of Undress Nigeria, then States of Undress Venezuela, then States of Undress Pakistan...and that one hit me hard.

In Nigeria, fashion is a beautiful statement just like here. There are political problems, there is corruption, many things that are unjust and sad. In Venezuela, it is important for a woman to be beautiful, because that could mean her ticket to a better life. If she is not beautiful she is bound to live in poverty and lack of education for the rest of her life.

Then Pakistan.....

I urge you to copy and paste this url into your browser and watch as this man justifies pouring acid on his wife's face because she dressed in the latest fashion and cut her hair. In Pakistan and many countries in that region, just the fact that a woman chooses to do something to affect her appearance without permission is grounds for divorce and mutilation. If you watch the complete episode, they also pour acid on her private parts to make sure she can never have children, It is not enough to divorce, they must completely DESTROY the woman.

Women in the United States have struggled and fought to vote, to have their own bank accounts, to be able to be single and still be respected. My sisters, please do not take these things for granted. Be grateful and thankful that you can choose to have as many children as YOU want, if you want any at all. You may choose to go to college if you want. You may choose to wear what you like, you may choose to cut your hair. You may marry the person that YOU give your heart to. The fact that this woman chose to wear a certain fashion and cut her hair and she was totally destroyed for it, brings tears to my eyes. The fact that the word 'fashion' is this terrible thing is so so sad.   If I lived over in that area, I would surely be dead, and I would have suffered to die, I'm sure.

Lesson for today:  BE THANKFUL
be happy where you are, who you are with, what you have, and who you are

It could be so much worse....................

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