Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tis the season for fear...but don't fear your body!

If you have curves, don't be afraid. You are healthy, vibrant and beautiful. There is one simple rule that you need to follow. Make sure your clothes are the right size. If you are wearing something too tight, it will accentuate everything that you don't want to accentuate. Please please please, make sure your clothes fit properly.

This photo shows a woman with pants that are too tight, and to short. WRONG...Choose pants that cup your bottom. You should be able to stick your hands in the pockets. You should be able to pull them up without doing aerobics!  No camel toes! you will hurt yourself and it looks awful! Don't worry about the size that is inside the tag. If you don't want to be a size 16, but size 14's are too tight. Don't worry. Cuts are different with every style and with every manufacturer. I have pants in my closet that go from 10 to 18. I don't put a size or label on myself. As long as I look good...that is all that matters. Get yourself a good mirror and a truthful husband, boyfriend, significant other or girlfriend.  And then, don't be mad at them for telling the truth. Also, don't ask if the pants make you look fat. If YOU have a doubt, don't wear them. YOU have to feel good about YOU....

My advice is to print out the 10 steps to a positive body image and paste it to your mirror. Take a look at the examples above....Accept and love your healthy beautiful body, whether you are a size 2 or 22. There are clothes for you, and you are beautiful. If you don't know what to pick...come see me. I will help you discover your beautiful YOU!!!

Rose Ellen Moore
 Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

everybody has an off day, but....................

Ok,....lets guess what is wrong with the above pic.  What ever happened to a SLIP? does everyone have to know that you have on a thong? or no underwear?   The importance of underwear or the proper ones are important to any outfit. You have to check the fabric to see if it's too have to adjust to every look. You may not like high waisted panties, but there may be that one outfit, where bikini's just aren't going to do the right thing. I complaining about the hat? OH NO! her hat is the only thing she has going for her, because the rest of her is falling in the puddle of SHAME!   You need a good strapless bra, honey!  They have long lines with very good stays to keep those sisters up and happy. This is a shame because otherwise she would look lovely.

Oh is this lady for REAL?  Didn't she feel AIR down THERE!?  This is disgraceful. I would never want to sit on the restaurant seat where she was sitting. EW! where's the Lysol?

Ok..there's this new miraculous thing called SPANKS! and there is also a thing called, where the proper size. We all have rolls...we all have body flaws. The whole game is to conceal and look your best. This is an epic fail on many levels. 

Lets get it together ladies!  Underwear cannot only be beautiful, sexy and feminine,but also classy and functional. Underwear is protection. It can make a fashion faux pax into a SAVE! If your skirt blows up, at least you are not showing the world your ASS, you can show them the greatest panties, with lace, that can look as beautiful as a bathing suit bottom. Your breasts in that strapless dress can become a beautiful decolletage!!!  If you have them, flaunt them, but flaunt them with class and style!  What's wrong with a lovely slip to show from under a skirt? It looks so much better than seeing  through! Your under garments are as important as your outer garments. You are always a woman, but how you present yourself will let others know if you are a lady!

Rose Ellen Moore

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

loving our customers!!!!

A big shout out and thank you to all of our customers for always supporting and loving us! We appreciate you...and since we have no family here, it is nice to be surrounded by a circle of positivity and love. If you haven't visited us yet, stop in and feel the love...have some coffee cookies and a good laugh! hope to see you soon!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Who has big legs? I have big legs!~

I always thought that if you have a part of your body that is unflattering, you should ignore it like it doesn't exist. I always thought that if you have no waist, you should NOT wear a belt, or if your bottom is larger than your top, you should NOT wear print pants, or a bright color skirt. I always thought that if you had a large chest you should wear big baggy tops...the truth is, ladies...NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

The trick of this whole situation is the fit. Everything has to fit well. Lets take your chest. Do you have a large chest? You can still wear stripes, but the shirt has to fit well. Not real baggy and not real tight. Maybe wear a jacket over it, so that the stripes are confined to the center. Maybe 2 different kinds of stripes.  You will be surprised how pretty you look.

If you have large legs, should you hide behind black pants? NO!  OH HELL NO!!!  Lets go for some textured hose, and how about those print pants. The trick is, they have to FIT WELL> Not too tight, not too loose and definately NEVER go out in pajama pants! Unless you are going to a slumber party! Notice the fit of these pants...some are tighter, but not too tight. Some are looser, but not baggy to the point of making yourself look bigger. 

No matter what look you choose, try something different. Step out of the box and don't be afraid. If you are looking for another person's approval, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. That's the only approval you will need. Put on your look and own in with confidence. When you step out, if you love what you have on, 95% of the time, other people will too. Simply because they sense your confidence. No matter what you have on, love it, own it, embrace it and most of all, wear it with a smile. Whether it is vintage or up to date, whether it is sporty or dressy, whether you are bigger or smaller, love it. You only have one body. Dress it up and live it up!

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My great Aunt Francis~!

This morning I would like to tell everyone about an aunt that I had . She has now left this life, but while she was here, she sure lived it!  I wanted to talk about her today, because it's not until we get to a certain age and we look back that we realize things  were happening back in the day and we didn't even know it.

My great Aunt Francis left everyone behind in the late 1960's. By that, I mean that she packed her things and up and went to NYC! She didn't care what anyone thought or that everyone disapproved. I heard the family say horrible things about her. They said she turned into a prostitute. They said she slept on the streets. Terrible terrible things. All I know is, 20 years later, she came into our lives again, dressing like a fashion model, and dripping with jewelry. I don't know if those diamonds were real or fake and I didn't care. All I knew at the age of 7, was that my Aunt Francis looked stunning. My mother, grandmother and everyone hated her. They talked bad about her. Aunt Francis would come home and take me shopping. I liked the way she walked, I liked the way she talked. She didn't care what people said about her and when she walked into a room, she commanded everyone's attention.  She always had her hair a different color. She wore wigs. She wore super high heels,She wore false eyelashes, and to everyone in my small country bumpkin town of Berwick, PA...that was AWFUL! This was in the 1970's, so of course, being your own woman was unheard of.  " Who does she think she is?" ,  I would hear my family say.

Well....I spent a whole lot of wasted years in Berwick, PA. When I left, I swore I would NEVER look back. I wear my hair a bunch of different colors, (today I am sporting black with a purple mohawk) I wear false eyelashes, and most of the time I'm dripping with jewelry, real, fake, handmade by my kids..I don't care. If it jingles and shines, I'm happy. I live my life by my own set of rules and philosophies. I have a simple motto, "be kind and do good" ...and while I'm doing that, I try to look good. I love to be outrageous, and enjoy life. 

Now that I am 51, I am really sorry for how my family talked about my Aunt Francis. Now, my family talks bad about me, they say terrible, terrible things....but really, I no longer call them my family. My true family are the people that walk thru my boutique doors every day. The women who are surviving cancer, lost a family member, divorced, remarried, dealing with children, addictions, weight problems, low self esteem. These are my family members. They need my smile, my jolt of color, my encouragement, and in their hugs, I feel encouraged as well.  My message to all the women out there.....

Live your life by your own set of rules. Don't wait for someone to are not going to get everyone's approval. and in the end, you will be sad. 

Thank you Aunt Francis. I am sorry that I didn't appreciate you years ago, but I was too young. I hope you are looking at me and smiling.............I wasted alittle time in Berwick, But baby......LOOK AT ME NOW!

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween in America

Good morning all of you wonderful people! As we approach Halloween, I am at a loss as to why people like to be scared and to make this season so 'real'.  For me, Halloween has always been a celebration of "All Saints Day"...I was in Catholic school and we were to dress up as our favorite saint. As I got older, I would get more creative with my costumes, 'Bonnie and Clyde' was one year when my friend and me dressed up together. I was a playboy bunny, I was a giant pumpkin, I was so many fun things. Now it seems that everyone wants to be beheaded, bloody, zombies that roam around and grab you. There was one instance in Columbia County PA last year when someone had to be rushed to the hospital from a haunted house. Is this really a celebration of  something?

I don';t encourage the blood and gore. Instead I enjoy seeing kids in all kinds of costumes that are fun and creative. I think it's a great opportunity to show your artistic talents. Life is too real for me on an every day basis. I see the drug addicts every day that walk around like zombies. I see the people who are dying from various diseases, we have war and blood all over the TV and in our own neighborhoods. I don't want to celebrate that. I think Halloween should be a chance to impersonate someone. Halloween should be a chance to animate an inanimate object. It should be a celebration of talents.....  I'm sure if we asked kids in a war torn country if they wanted to dress up as a bloody zombie they wouldn't be too excited about it.

Having a vintage shop, I have dressed people as little red riding hood, (sexy of course) hippies, mad hatters, masquerade balls all over the place...and we make such beautiful masks here! So blood is not my thing, crazy sexy pretty is............

Rose Ellen Moore

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

timeless pieces

For some people, vintage is a turn off. Vintage to some people means OLD...or to some people it means DATED.  For me, vintage means I'm going to look elegant and unique. I came across this photo of Jane Fonda in a maxi skirt, wide belt and blouse. This is a typical 70's look. Why can't someone dress in this and OWN it and look beautiful. I think Jane looks stunning in this outfit. And we are sure to never see it again. Maxi skirts are also warm in the winter. They are comfortable in the summer as well. Think of this the next time you visit your vintage shop.
Here are RCMoore
we have many many maxi skirts, dresses and blouses. All waiting for that unique woman with her own confident style. Give us a try, either in person or online.  Because remember, RCMoore for the Unique Individual....because NO ONE is quite like you!

Rose Ellen Moore

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

over 50 and feeling FABULOUS~!

Today I heard that Helen Fielding, the author of the Bridget Jones diaries has had an interview with the Today show talking about her new book. In her new book about Bridget Jones, she speaks of her character now as she has gotten older. A 50 year old woman, single and raising a child. She told Today that she wants American women, (and men) to know that 50 year old women, 'still got it goin' on'. Kudos to you Helen Fielding!!!!

For all you over 50 women that are feeling frumpy and bad about yourself, HEY!!! YOU STILL HAVE GOT IT GIRLS! We have experience, we have energy, we have vitality, we have beauty and above all...we have sexuality!!!  Don't ever think you are used up or dried up....YOU ARE WONDERFUL! dress yourself up in confidence and appreciate all of your gifts!  And if you need a boost, read Helen Fielding's new book.

I'm over 50 and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.................if I ever do!

Rose Ellen Moore

Monday, October 7, 2013

celebrate every day!

Yesterday I had the greatest pleasure of attending a women's tea. One of my customers, Lori Unser,
decided that she wanted to play dress up and enjoy her girlfriends company, so she created an event. She is a true believer that you cannot wait for life events to happen, you have to MAKE them happen. And so I was a lucky recipient of an invitation to this wonderful tea.

I looked forward to this event all week! Why? Because it was an event with no obligation. I didn't have to choose a gift or carry one in the car. I didn't have to buy a card. I didn't have to worry about anything...just me. Get myself ready in my "tea attire" and go enjoy. When I reached there, the positive energy in the room was overwhelmingly WONDERFUL!  So many women, in HATS, in pearls, in heels and in their own unique beauty! I was so over joyed to see some of the hats that I made!!!  It's a humbling experience to see someone love what you made, and feel confident and beautiful in it....I just sat there feeling so much joy I could have cried.

We had tea, we had scones, and we had little finger sandwiches.  All of this before a delicious chicken salad and then tiny cakes! YUM!

I want to thank Lori from the bottom of my heart! I made some new friends, I relaxed and enjoyed the company, food and good vibes!  She has the right idea!  Why do we have to wait until there is someone's birthday to have a party? why do we have to wait until someone dies to see old friends that we haven't seen in years?  We must start changing the way that we are living! Make a party to celebrate LIFE! We only get one chance................

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I love me

Today I was reading MSNBC news on the computer and I noticed an article saying that a man has chosen euthanasia because his transsexual operation did not go as expected and he now views himself as a monster. This man ended his life. How sad. There are so many people...they come in the shop every day, struggling to live and to take that very next breath. They are suffering from cancer or some other terminal illness. But this man only saw his beauty, or lack thereof, on the outside.

I hope that when other people read this article, they will see the sadness as I did. Everyone on this earth has a purpose.

 I worked in a nursing home for a time. I took care of a woman who was paralyzed from the neck down, her name was Louise. She was a school teacher and now just sat quietly in her wheelchair. As I was feeding her breakfast one day, I told her my woes of how my daughter is dyslexic and cannot read. She pointed me in the direction of her friend who was a professor at a university, and after a few sessions, taught my daughter how to manage her problem. And what a blessing it was that this was for FREE! You see, Louise had a purpose. She could not move, but linked up the right people to make a change in a young girl's life.

 This man may have been a monster on the outside, but who knows what purpose is now thrown away because he thought he was not worth it. Believe me, every life is worth living. We do not know the grand master plan. What we do know is that life, no matter how wretched, no matter how broken, is still worth living.  And I am hoping that one of you remind me of this, if I ever get to the point that I feel I am not worth it.

Do God a favor today...............Love yourself

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, October 4, 2013


On Monday October 7th at 10PM Diane Sawyer will interview Malala Yousafszi .
She was the 14 year old girl that was shot in the head because she wanted to go to school. I thought right away...'look at the strength of this young girl'   I was inspired and I thought of so many women in the world, many that are so much older than this young girl, who have no voice, no courage to say THIS IS WHAT I WANT!  and so today my blog is short and sweet.


Thank you Malala for inspiring the world. For speaking out. Every human being has a right to be heard. Every human being has a right to live as they choose. And who more deserving than women?...........

Rose Ellen Moore

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

everything old is new again

My motto for my shop is 'RCMoore for the Unique Individual....because no one is quite like you'.....

People ask me why I chose that...well it was an accident. I've been to fashion week in NYC...I've lived all over the world and I have seen many women, men, fashion dos and don'ts and most of all people SCREAMING whether it is silently or out loud to be noticed. Why do we have that urge to be recognized as individuals?  Well..who likes to be like everyone else?  When you are on a football team you wear a uniform because you want to be a part of a group of people who have a common goal which is to win the game. When you go to schools with uniforms you are part of a student shows school spirit to be a part of this body. That point I totally understand. But there is a group of us non-conformists...that want to stick out. Be that peacock in an enormous flock of seagulls.

How can we look different? How can we dress different and still be individuals? my shop we have vintage and we also have clothing that has come from all countries and all walks of life. I have Moroccan djellabas and I have African warrior robes...I have styles from 20's,30's,40's...every decade. I have that ugly Christmas sweater that will fit at a party...and I have beautiful beaded dresses for photo shoots. will get the different. So you won't see yourself coming around every corner. I read in a magazine that capes are in this year. So am I going to see every woman in a cape? If capes are in this year, I would like to wear something different. Because what is IN with a magazine is OUT with me. More of us need to wear clothes that suit US...rather than what suits Elle Magazine or Vogue. I know for me...I look at some of these shoots in the magazines and think, ' what are they smoking?'  Print pants are not for everyone. My thighs are the size of tree trunks..why would I put a Balenciaga print on top of that? Everyone is as unique as a snowflake...isn't that great? Our body is a canvas in the morning/ What color would we like to wear? what mood are you in? Feeling funky? try a belt. Feeling blue? wear something comfortable and loose fitting. Feeling powerful? wear red. Isn't it great that we have a choice?

My job is about having a choice. Being YOU! Be an individual and enjoy life! We hope that you come in for some personal service and create a unique beautiful style that will fit your personality and your needs. Having a personal stylist create a wardrobe for you at no extra cost is something you don't find every day. Macy's cannot offer that. we hope to see you might find that you like something that you never even gave a thought to. Make it a colorful day!

Rose Ellen Moore