Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Make a statement without saying a word!

You know for the past few days I have listened to people on twitter and facebook talking about the Grammy's and how they were offended by this and that and some people were appalled by the fashions. Well ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you..creative people are just that. They want to be unique...out of the box. They are entertainers. They are not waiting for your opinion. They are going to leave your opinion and run right to the BANK! as we sit here with our opinions. LOL!  The more outrageous that are, the more people will talk about them, good or bad. Any kind of publicity is publicity just the same. And so...did you like what Beyonce was wearing? was she too sexy? and what's with the hair? and Pharrells hat? Madonna's grills? WHO CARES! these are artists! they are going to be out of the box!

I know for myself, many people ask me, 'where do you get your inspiration to make hats?" Well, I always want to be different, outrageous and unique. Who wants to come in and purchase a hat that they see someone else wearing? We all want to be validated. We all want to be individuals. We want to feel special. At least I know that I do!  so don't be afraid of what other people think. There will always be haters. When you wear something...OWN IT! don't be AFRAID! And don't worry about other people's opinions. They don't pay your bills!

Rose Ellen Moore

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

thank you Sonya Renee!

A friend of mine, Sharon Vidmar McCarthy posted something on her facebook which inspired me to write this blog. Sonya Renee's The Body is Not an Apology. When I heard her speak on youtube, I got goosebumps. Everything I have felt in all my 51 years welled up inside of me and I wanted to shout from the rooftops how powerful I am. How powerful WE are as women. An exerpt from this poem is as follows: The body is not an apology. Do not ask for it to be pardoned as criminal. The body is not a crime. The body is not an apology. The body is not soiled, is not filth to be forgiven. The body is not an apology. The body is not calamity. the body is not a math test, the body is not a wrong answer. The body is not a failed class. You are not failing. It is not a “broken” thing to be mended, to be tossed. The body is not to be prayed for. It is to be prayed to. So, HALLELUJAH. —excerpts from "The Body Is Not An Apology" by Sonya Renee When I listened to Sonya Renee SHOUT this poem...I wanted to stand up and say YES YES YES! I am not a mistake. I don't have to make an excuse for how I look, how I think, how I do things. I am a joyful creation. Everything that I consider a flaw is a gift!! As a boutique owner I have many women come into my shop and after trying on dress after dress or jeans after jeans, I look at the disdain in their faces as they half heartedly look at themselves with scorn. Why does it matter that we are not perfect? We have survived childbirth, cancer, diseases of many kinds, bullying, chastising, criticism, hate and racism. We have carried the weight of the world on our shoulders. We have supported people in our family through sickness and depression without a regard for ourselves. We should not apologize for how we look or who we are. We are to be celebrated that survived this 'thing' called LIFE and we are still here to tell about it. We as women need to support each other, black and white. Two young black women came into my shop yesterday and told me how much they loved the vintage and hats that I have here. They enjoyed our motto which is: RCMoore for the Unique Individual, because NO ONE is quite like YOU! I told them how much I support women. Every piece of jewelry we have at the shop is in support of some women's or children's group. I try to raise up my sisters. I want my shop to be an oasis where women feel confident and powerful. In their acquired confidance and power, they will then make better choices. The women were excited and they told me they just started a black women's group. They told me they didn't know where to have their meetings. i told them to have them here. I am not a black woman, but I am a woman just the same. I am someone's daughter, mother, sister, aunt and cousin. I have had many of the same problems that black women have had. I know most of you say, no no no, you are not black, you haven't had the racism. Well, my husband is an African man from a Carribean country. I am Italian and Roma. The racism is there for both of us. I say "is" because it never goes away. We can only manage the hatred, it never ever goes away. So my message today for women, please click on the link and listen to Sonya Renee's poem. Find yourself empowered. Do not apologize for your mastectomy, for your scars, for your sagging skin, your age, your hair or lack there are a woman to be celebrated by YOURSELF first and then give yourself to the world to be celebrated. If some people do not join in the party, leave them there and move on. (youtube poem) (website) After listening to Sonya Renee, embrace your size 20 figure. Embrace your shame and your scars....the things you have gone through have made you a unique and fantastic woman. Do not apologize.......CELEBRATE!
Rose Ellen Moore

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

don't let anyone take away your worth!

My message for women today is a very simple thing. Do not give anyone permission to hurt you or discourage you. Do not give anyone permission to treat you as a doormat. Do not accept people into your life who do nothing to value your life. Your job is to know your worth and to act accordingly. Do not rule your life by emotions based on other peoples' rejection of you. YOU know YOU. YOU make sure that you love YOU. I am saying these things because someone said a hateful hurtful thing to me the beginning of this week which actually sent me to my bed. I literally could not get out of bed. It crippled me to my very bone. This person that said this was surprising to me. I never thought this person would hurt me. I was not only saddened, but shocked beyond belief. It was unbelievable to me that someone who cared about me could actually cripple me with words. The only reason why I was crippled was because I ALLOWED this person to make me feel this way. I allowed this person to take away all of my value as a person. If someone bullies you and calls you dumb, it's because they fear being dumb themselves. If someone tells you that you are a turn off it's because they have something wrong with them! if someone says you are ugly or fat, it's only because THEY want to be YOU! There are many people out there with many different problems. We need to practice compassion and understanding with these people. But understand, their problems are THEIRS and you cannot fix them. THEY have to fix THEMSELVES. It is sinful for one woman to tear down another woman. It's equally as sinful and even more so for a man to degrade or tear down a woman. I would like to say to the 7 women who were sitting at the Perkins Restaurant in Bethlehem PA, THANK YOU for making me the subject of your conversation a few nights ago. I feel honored that you made little ole me your sole subject for the evening. All the laughs that you had at my expense did not hurt me. They made me feel sorry for you because you did little or nothing to even hide your bad manners. I didn't know if it was because my husband and I are an interracial couple or if it was because I was wearing a black and white outfit complete with fringed boots. Whatever the reason, I take pride in what I wear and try very hard to present myself in the best way possible. Your opinion of me..all 7 of you...did not matter at all. If you don't like my taste, I would suggest to acquire some. But I do want you women to know, that if you would come into my shop, you would be treated with the utmost respect and I would help you dress in the style that you like and what is appropriate for your body type. Because, unlike you, I was raised to respect everyone and lift up other women. This blog is not written to vent or to tear other women down. This is proof that even when we graduate from school and we have been all through the silly relatioship issues that we had way back in the day. Still, when we are grown, we still bully and do stupid, hateful things to hurt other people just because they are different from us. Why? I am sure that if there is life on another planet, they are surely looking at us shaking their heads, asking why we cannot just live and let live. There is a song sung by Bette Midler that says, "God is watching Us...from a distance.." yes..He is. Sadly watching as we tear each other down for the color of our skin, our culture, our beliefs and all for nothing. Now Valentine's Day is in February, and we are going to spend trillions of dollars buying Valentines to profess our love to our husbands, friends or significant others. Why don't we forego the card and actually practice loving those people and actually practice kindness and tenderness? I think people would be completely shocked. We are so used to buying a card saying goopy sweetness, and yet doing something completely opposite. No matter what other people do, the only thing that we can do is control ourselves. We cannot control the actions of other people. And so in closing I will suggest to everyone, man or woman. Do NOT allow anyone to take away your worth. Do NOT allow anyone to make you feel insignificant and small. All of us in our own way are important in whatever contribution we can give to this world. In the words of Viola Davis in the movie 'The Help'....YOU ARE KIND< YOU ARE SMART< YOU ARE IMPORTANT....I AM! Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What defines you?

Today as I was leafing through my mail and so many news articles, I came across so many things that all had one underlying message. At first I couldn't figure it out. But then, as I kept going, it spoke to me. My question to everyone today is 'what defines you?'   A 'efinition' is an explanation that is making who you are perfectly clear. It is the act of being clearly outlined.  What in your life explains who you are?

There are so many people out there that think that the lighter their skin color, the more doors will be open to them. Many years ago in Asia, the lighter your skin color, the more affluent your family was thought to be. Because the lighter skinned people were inside enjoying sitting on a tufted pillow, while the farm workers were baking in the hot sun. Many people all over the world try to bleach there skin. Many celebrities do it. Why? Is their skin color what defines them?

Then we have cosmetic surgery. Women and men trying to be younger, more virile, and it turns into plastic and artificial. Millions of dollars are poured into cosmetic surgery altering ones appearance. And then there is weightloss. I cannot express enough how sick I am about hearing this can make you lose here for your enrollment in a fitness club near you.  Is your young face, big boobs, tummy tuck and liposuction and the number on the scale a definition of who you are??

Today I came across a video on facebook of Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie has a strange illness that they don't even have a title for. Someone had put her on youtube and labled her the ugliest person in the world. The hate that spewed from this video could have brought her to her knees. But instead...she turned into a motivational speaker. And here at 25 years old, goes out to speaking engagements and is handing in the copy of her third book. She has graduated college and is looking forward to moving on with her life and to someday start a family.  This video that I have attached to this blog is one of the best videos that can be shown to a young child especially a girl. What really defines us? Is it the way we look? Or can it be what we do and accomplish as a person?

Lizzie has taught me that when I am having a bad day, I still have to fight. I have to fight on a daily basis to ignore the negativity that overtakes me. She taught me that I may be deaf in one ear, but I still have the other. She taught me that I may have made mistakes in my life, but I still have a good heart. She taught me that it's ok to be different. WE HAVE THE steer our life in whatever direction we want our life to go. WE HAVE THE POWER to say what defines us as humans. DO NOT give that power to anyone else. Especially the people that are full of hate and discrimination. We should take a lesson from Lizzie and BE PROUD. STAND FIRM. USE the hateful things people say as a ladder to climb to your destination. Don't let anyone stop you, don't let anyone define you..don't let anyone bring you to a place where you want to end your life. 

What will people remember after we are gone? Is it the large boobs that you have? The light skin that you have? the beautiful body you have? Or is it what you have done for someone? What you have accomplished for yourself and for your community? What will define you long after you are gone?

Rose Ellen Moore

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today is January 7th of our new year. Today as I watched the news this morning, I found out that the FCC is investigating which diet fads work and which ones don't. I hate this time of year for one specific reason. People run to the gym, they run to the grocery to buy these diet pills, programs or whatever. Only to fail a month later.   I think it's great when people set their minds to getting healthier. I encourage people who try to eat better. I for one make a vow every morning...sometimes I win that day and sometimes I lose but the fact is I always try and I consciously make the choice. 

The important thing is that we should be happy with who we are, what we are, before we do anything else. We should work on enhancing our beauty instead of declaring ourselves 'not good enough'.  I get up every morning and ask myself what I am going to wear. Because my legs are thick I can't just put on any old thing. I have to camoflage, I have to create illusion. But that's the fun!  I have a 36 inch bust, a 26 inch waist and a 41 inch hip measurement!!!!   HOLY DISPROPORTIONS BATMAN! I don't know exactly how everything sunk, but I'm going to embrace it. This is me! I love me!

 I recite this poem to myself every day...thanks, Maya Angelou! 

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size   
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,   
The stride of my step,   
The curl of my lips.   
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,   
That’s me.

Many people think that I have some secret that I carry. Why are you so happy? Why are you so confident? well, believe me, this did not happen overnight. But in time I have put all of my priorities in order. I have realized a few things and lived through some very horrendous things. My life is far from perfect. But it's the appreciation of what I do have that puts everything in order. 

Maintaining positivity is the number one key ingrediant to be happy.Optimism is a choice every day. The second thing to being happy is...treat your body well. Number compassionate. Number four, smile often! number five....forgive wrongdoings of yourself and others. Number six...Love at every opportunity. 

  And so, with that being said...on this 7th day of January 2014...let your resolution be simple. Even if you are 250 pounds or more, even if you have some health issues, even if your car didn't start this cold morning and your children are giving you issues. Try to maintain the positive within yourself and try...please try BE HAPPY!
Rose Ellen A. Moore

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Roses and Raspberries for 2014

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had on Good Morning America, as I usually do, and lo and behold another 'fat shaming' idiot who shall remained nameless because he doesn't deserve the publicity, said a 'JOKE' about Alyssa Milano because of her post baby body.  What makes a man so insensitive? Is it because he is a male and doesn't understand what a body goes through to produce another living being or is he striving so hard to make people laugh that he screwed up? I don't be the judge. But as for me...I give him RASPBERRIES!

On another happy note, Pro Infirmis is an organization in Germany that helps raise awareness and empathy for people with disabilities. Thanks to my daughter Sophia Johns, who posted this on her facebook, I was quickly educated and almost brought to tears this morning. Being in the fashion world, it is sometimes hard to keep my mouth shut about people who have no sensitivity, (see paragraph above) and so with this video, I am giving ROSES to Pro Infirmis and to my daughter Sophia,  and I urge all of you to look at the rest of their videos on You Tube

Now, I live in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and my business is in Allentown Pennsylvania. Is it cold here? well...does a bear **** in the woods? Today I woke up to 3 degree temperature. I was grateful that it wasn't -13 degrees like it is in Boston. The reality is this...when you live in the north, this is what we get. It comes every year, it goes every year. Try to be KIND to each other. HELP each other. Find the heart that each one of us has, and use it. Quit bitching about the guy going to slow in front of you, or about the guy that took your parking place. Try to be positive. It's hard...but life is easier with a smile. So....ROSES go to my friends, Mary and Tony Calcagni that allowed us the use of their snow blower to dig out our shop. Many of my customers will appreciate it and it made my husband so happy. A small act of kindness helps so many people.

To the hospital who wanted to pull little Jahi McMath's life support..words cannot can an institution that is supposed to help people be so cruel. Any amount of life, no matter how wretched, is still LIFE! I know I would never give up on my little girl, no matter how many fancy pants doctors told me it was hopeless. Sometimes hope is all you have in this world. RASPBERRIES....definately...for Children's Hospital Oakland.

RASPBERRIES to the New York Fashion Weeks Men's Trends for 2014
If my husband wore a white suit, he would be an automatic magnate for dirt. he can't do that. I would spend all day walking around him like a giant forcefield. Then they say, 'oh linen would be best'...are you kidding?> linen makes you look like an unmade bed by the end of day. so...only wear a white suit, if you STAND in a CORNER and don't EAT, SMOKE, TALK or get NEAR ANYONE!  rolled up pants? only on a boat. whoever wrote this....RASPBERRIES!

spring and summer 2014 for women ROSES! lots of ROSES! I can't wait. I'm in the middle of making my spring line of hats for the derby and this definately inspired me! check it out!

and now...I send all of you ROSES! Roses for helping your neighbor. For checking on the elderly...for smiling at someone you don't know. When you feel the anger come up? push it down and treat yourself well for doing that. Roses for all.......until next time! ciao!!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore