Thursday, July 27, 2017


  It's been alittle while since I wrote a blog. I felt compelled to write today after the wonderful Sunday I had.

This passed Sunday I was asked to be photographed for the October issue of the Gay Journal. The Halloween edition. how fun!  Of course I said YES! so I be-sparkled and be-spangled myself in the most brightest outfit so that I could be seen FROM SPACE!

after that..I went to work and did my business owner duties. After that I had the extreme privilege to be a judge for the Pride pageant at the Stonewall in Allentown PA

Now..all of you must know by now that our son is gay. So Clayton and I are staunch supporters of civil rights and the LGBT community. My husband and I so enjoyed the pageant and I must say, we got entertainment that could rival Broadway!!  It was outrageous and wonderful! My heart was so full of emotion when we returned home.

When we first came to the Lehigh Valley, we were a broken family.......we couldn't get our son Matthew the help he needed. We were at our wits end trying to figure out what to do. My family (mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews) stopped talking to me. I was shunned. I had a gay no no..bad.   But all that emptiness created a vacuum, and they were replaced by the most wonderful and straight.  We are so blessed to have good people in our lives, to help us and to help Matthew.

So ladies and gentlemen...if you have not gone to a PRIDE event, I encourage you to do so. You will be loved, you will be happily surprised and you will be ENTERTAINED! Go with an open heart and hearts will open to you.  I wrote this poem below, dedicated to the LGBT community, the artist community, the entertainment community...because we are the outcasts, but I would rather be me, more than anyone else.

                      The Outcast

We are the artists, the gays and the weirdos
We are the crazy reprehensible ones
We are the element shunned by society
We are the tainted unfortunate sons

Always a smile in our face but not really
Fodder for gossip and laughable joke
We get used to the eyes looking at us with loathing
Depression sets in; so tired, so broke

Arrive at a party but not allowed in
Blocked from the entrance refused at the gate
hundreds of reasons we shouldn't be living
Bibles are open, hearts filled with hate

But we are the chosen ones who got the message
The special the savvy, the enlightened the wise
We figured it out and discovered the answer
We see the truth underneath all the lies

We are the artists the queers and the dreamers
We are the broadminded seekers of light
We are the warriors of dedication and truth
Defenders of men always fighting the fight

So do not get weary my fellow misfits
Who feel you have nothing and are in despair
You are the vibrant magnificent rainbow
You are the love.......take it and share  

   Rose Ellen Moore 7/26/17

9 W 4th Street
South Bethlehem, PA 18015

1180 Main Street
Hellertown PA 18055