Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are we still in Junior High School?......

When I read this article on MSN...I thought, really? In the midst of seeing videos on drowned immigrant children, shootings in Germany, stabbings in France and Japan..I reflected for a bit on how petty and diminished our human race has become.

I have a Facebook page because I have a business. I have to admit, I thought it fun at first to look up all my old friends I had in high school, people I have known in my 20s and 30s. It was fun to reconnect after all these years. What I really hate the bottom of my hateful political views, violence, and bullying. We should be beyond all that. Now please understand...I have a strong political view of my own. And I feel very passionate about certain things. But we live in a great country where everyone is free to think or feel whatever they like. That is the double edged sword of this country. We can worship in our own way, we can live our life as we choose and we can dress in a way that reflects the people we are.

At least once a week I am confronted by people who insist on telling me what they think of my outfit in a negative way.  I dress in what suits me. I am flamboyant and fun and my clothes reflect that. I don't count on a seal of approval from anyone. But every time I go somewhere, be it post office, grocery store, fabric store; I am subject to barbs and hateful comments. Why? Is this what we have become? We never really left junior high, did we? I go out of my way, at times, to compliment a woman because I feel, we, as women, have to bear a heavy burden by working, raising children and caring for our husbands. We are always under scrutiny and it seems we are never 'good enough' . I feel all women need to be up-lifted.

When I read this article on MSN it reminded me of that day I stood in the post office and the two women behind me had a field day making fun of my gold sequin jacket. I had on black pants, black shirt with a gold sequin peace sign (ironic) and my jacket. They could not get over my frizzy hair, my false eyelashes and my shoes..(yes, I forgot, they were gold sequined too) They talked ABOUT me but so I could hear. I was wondering if I should tell them off...(the Italian in me soooooo wanted to do that) see...when you deal with people who are uneducated, who's lives aren't going the way they want, it's really not worth the time. When I finished my mailing I turned around and smiled at them...why? because my life is so much better than theirs. I am going home to a man that loves me, maybe they are not...I have 6 happy healthy children, maybe they don't....I have a beautiful life...I doubt they do......

So this woman on MSN..did the right thing....she sent back the love. Sometimes it's hard to find that....but it's better than the alternative.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do we have any privacy at all????

Yesterday in the news, a model body-shamed a woman at the gym. She actually photographed her naked body, blurred out the 'vital parts' and put it on twitter. Can you believe that?  I can.

Unfortunately we live in a society where nothing is private. Everything is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here's the sad thing, are on there whether you like it or not.

I go to the gym every morning. I literally roll out of bed and put my workout clothes on. Teeth not brushed, no make up on and glasses. Hair is a frizzy ponytail on the top of my head. It's not pretty... I don't match...I don't care. I go there to sweat and take care of my body. I go in and in 1 hour, I go out. I hope and pray no one takes a photo of me, grunting and sweating with my red contorted face, just trying to get my miles in before I go to work. And if I ever find myself on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram NAKED in a gym locker room, I would go after that person in any legal way that I could. Where is the respect for someone's privacy?  Not only that, but this woman who Dani Mathers, a playboy model, disrespected, was at the gym, to take care of herself. Kudos to her.

Read the article below, it's interesting and congratulations to Christine Blackmon who wrote an open letter to this model. Just goes to show you....don't look for beauty on the outside. Something can be painted a pretty color, and on the inside, all that's there is ROT!

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