Thursday, July 27, 2017


  It's been alittle while since I wrote a blog. I felt compelled to write today after the wonderful Sunday I had.

This passed Sunday I was asked to be photographed for the October issue of the Gay Journal. The Halloween edition. how fun!  Of course I said YES! so I be-sparkled and be-spangled myself in the most brightest outfit so that I could be seen FROM SPACE!

after that..I went to work and did my business owner duties. After that I had the extreme privilege to be a judge for the Pride pageant at the Stonewall in Allentown PA

Now..all of you must know by now that our son is gay. So Clayton and I are staunch supporters of civil rights and the LGBT community. My husband and I so enjoyed the pageant and I must say, we got entertainment that could rival Broadway!!  It was outrageous and wonderful! My heart was so full of emotion when we returned home.

When we first came to the Lehigh Valley, we were a broken family.......we couldn't get our son Matthew the help he needed. We were at our wits end trying to figure out what to do. My family (mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews) stopped talking to me. I was shunned. I had a gay no no..bad.   But all that emptiness created a vacuum, and they were replaced by the most wonderful and straight.  We are so blessed to have good people in our lives, to help us and to help Matthew.

So ladies and gentlemen...if you have not gone to a PRIDE event, I encourage you to do so. You will be loved, you will be happily surprised and you will be ENTERTAINED! Go with an open heart and hearts will open to you.  I wrote this poem below, dedicated to the LGBT community, the artist community, the entertainment community...because we are the outcasts, but I would rather be me, more than anyone else.

                      The Outcast

We are the artists, the gays and the weirdos
We are the crazy reprehensible ones
We are the element shunned by society
We are the tainted unfortunate sons

Always a smile in our face but not really
Fodder for gossip and laughable joke
We get used to the eyes looking at us with loathing
Depression sets in; so tired, so broke

Arrive at a party but not allowed in
Blocked from the entrance refused at the gate
hundreds of reasons we shouldn't be living
Bibles are open, hearts filled with hate

But we are the chosen ones who got the message
The special the savvy, the enlightened the wise
We figured it out and discovered the answer
We see the truth underneath all the lies

We are the artists the queers and the dreamers
We are the broadminded seekers of light
We are the warriors of dedication and truth
Defenders of men always fighting the fight

So do not get weary my fellow misfits
Who feel you have nothing and are in despair
You are the vibrant magnificent rainbow
You are the love.......take it and share  

   Rose Ellen Moore 7/26/17

9 W 4th Street
South Bethlehem, PA 18015

1180 Main Street
Hellertown PA 18055


Monday, February 20, 2017


Just the word makes my skin crawl. I cannot understand why.....why....why ......WHY??!?!?!?!?    Why would someone want to enslave people and make them fail....why would someone want to OWN someone....why would someone want to torture people?????   this is sick, twisted and sad.....

Today I feel nothing but sadness...over the last few days I've become more and more depressed....
But I feel now, more strongly than ever, the words that Bishop Desmond Tutu said awhile ago.....

And so I state to every person who supports racism.........I will not tolerate your stupidity......If you are doing something against another race.... I will not tolerate your stupidity... if you are in support of building up one race to disgrace or discredit another race....I will not tolerate your stupidity.   We need to rise above, but I don't know how. I see black people that are hurting, and from that hurt they are hating, and I cannot blame them or the pain they are feeling.

When I listen to Jon Stewart talk about this situation, I get emotional. ISIS is NOTHING compared to what WE are doing to OURSELVES here in the United States. 9 People have been shot IN A CHURCH where they were minding their own business worshiping, and in one second...9 families were RUINED! These were someone's wives, mothers, fathers, aunts, children......they were PEOPLE...HUMAN BEINGS!!!   If we drew blood from these victims, and drew blood from 9 white people, there would be no way they could tell whose blood is whose. It is a scientific fact. The only way is if one of them had a particular disease associated with a race of people. (sickel cell anemia or Taysachs disease ) Otherwise, blood is blood....that's it. But we are killing each other for something our bodies are wrapped in. It's absurd. I wish we could organize........but we have no leader...................

We are living in a time when the President of the United States, our commander in chief, receives no respect in Congress. Why is that ok? It doesn't matter if you like him as president or not....but he is MR. PRESIDENT....he was voted in there by a majority of the people....period. 

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world....and I feel like I have to defend my relationship with him to both black and white people. I shouldn't have to. We are bound by love...not because of our race, but because of our brain, our souls and our hearts.  

I don't know how this will be fixed...I don't know when or if ever this would be fixed....but all I know is I have to make something start with ME......NO TOLERANCE FOR HATE! ever....ever...ever.....
It doesn't matter if you hate me for being white, flashy, colorful or loud, or if I have a black husband ....I will not hate you back.  If I can't be part of the change, that means I'm part of the problem.......

Rose Ellen Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are we still in Junior High School?......

When I read this article on MSN...I thought, really? In the midst of seeing videos on drowned immigrant children, shootings in Germany, stabbings in France and Japan..I reflected for a bit on how petty and diminished our human race has become.

I have a Facebook page because I have a business. I have to admit, I thought it fun at first to look up all my old friends I had in high school, people I have known in my 20s and 30s. It was fun to reconnect after all these years. What I really hate the bottom of my hateful political views, violence, and bullying. We should be beyond all that. Now please understand...I have a strong political view of my own. And I feel very passionate about certain things. But we live in a great country where everyone is free to think or feel whatever they like. That is the double edged sword of this country. We can worship in our own way, we can live our life as we choose and we can dress in a way that reflects the people we are.

At least once a week I am confronted by people who insist on telling me what they think of my outfit in a negative way.  I dress in what suits me. I am flamboyant and fun and my clothes reflect that. I don't count on a seal of approval from anyone. But every time I go somewhere, be it post office, grocery store, fabric store; I am subject to barbs and hateful comments. Why? Is this what we have become? We never really left junior high, did we? I go out of my way, at times, to compliment a woman because I feel, we, as women, have to bear a heavy burden by working, raising children and caring for our husbands. We are always under scrutiny and it seems we are never 'good enough' . I feel all women need to be up-lifted.

When I read this article on MSN it reminded me of that day I stood in the post office and the two women behind me had a field day making fun of my gold sequin jacket. I had on black pants, black shirt with a gold sequin peace sign (ironic) and my jacket. They could not get over my frizzy hair, my false eyelashes and my shoes..(yes, I forgot, they were gold sequined too) They talked ABOUT me but so I could hear. I was wondering if I should tell them off...(the Italian in me soooooo wanted to do that) see...when you deal with people who are uneducated, who's lives aren't going the way they want, it's really not worth the time. When I finished my mailing I turned around and smiled at them...why? because my life is so much better than theirs. I am going home to a man that loves me, maybe they are not...I have 6 happy healthy children, maybe they don't....I have a beautiful life...I doubt they do......

So this woman on MSN..did the right thing....she sent back the love. Sometimes it's hard to find that....but it's better than the alternative.

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Rose Ellen Moore

1729 W Tilghman Street
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do we have any privacy at all????

Yesterday in the news, a model body-shamed a woman at the gym. She actually photographed her naked body, blurred out the 'vital parts' and put it on twitter. Can you believe that?  I can.

Unfortunately we live in a society where nothing is private. Everything is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here's the sad thing, are on there whether you like it or not.

I go to the gym every morning. I literally roll out of bed and put my workout clothes on. Teeth not brushed, no make up on and glasses. Hair is a frizzy ponytail on the top of my head. It's not pretty... I don't match...I don't care. I go there to sweat and take care of my body. I go in and in 1 hour, I go out. I hope and pray no one takes a photo of me, grunting and sweating with my red contorted face, just trying to get my miles in before I go to work. And if I ever find myself on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram NAKED in a gym locker room, I would go after that person in any legal way that I could. Where is the respect for someone's privacy?  Not only that, but this woman who Dani Mathers, a playboy model, disrespected, was at the gym, to take care of herself. Kudos to her.

Read the article below, it's interesting and congratulations to Christine Blackmon who wrote an open letter to this model. Just goes to show you....don't look for beauty on the outside. Something can be painted a pretty color, and on the inside, all that's there is ROT!

Rose Ellen A. Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Why do I celebrate my birthday so much? Here's why

I am writing this blog on May 23rd, two days after my 54th birthday. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be leaving a 'normal' life.

When I was 17 I had horrible pain in my left ear. I had ear problems from the time I was very small. The doctors told my mother there was a problem in my left ear, and when I get older I would have to deal with it.  Well, 17 was the age. I had a large congenital cholesteatoma in my mastoid and it was deteriorating the bones in my ear . It was causing infection because it was growing behind my ear drum. It is a rare thing that happens to people, maybe 1 in 1,000.  This tumor ate everything in its path. It destroyed my mastoid bone, which is the hard lump behind your ear. It destroyed all the bones inside my ear, my ear drum, my cochlea (which helps you with balance) and it was starting to affect the nerves in my face. I had a wonderful doctor, his name was Dr Reams. He operated on me twice. One time he thought he got it all, but the second time, he definitely did. It was a horrible time. I had just lost my father the year before. I was 17 and a talented musician. I was ready to attend music school at College Misericordia. But now, I had issues.

After the operation, they performed a tympanoplasty, in which they made me a new eardrum. I could hear alittle, not much, but it was enough to have a normal conversation. Well...7 years passed and I was pregnant with my first child. Labor wasn't long. The doctor told me after about 5 hours, to push as hard as I could. I did, and I heard something pop in my head. My entire face was full of little red dots and I couldn't hear anything. I was so happy to have my baby, that I didn't say anything until the doctor said, we have to examine your face. You have some broken blood vessels. I could hear him speaking but he sounded really far away. Sure enough I had 'popped' the eardrum. I heard a 'whooshing' noise....the Dr who was my gynecologist, said that it would go away.  I don't know why I listened to him, he was the Dr of THE OTHER END...not my head. But being so young, I just listened to what he said.

After some months passed, it was not getting any better. I went to an otolaryngologist. He told me there was alot of damage from the pressure. He tried to fix it, but to this day, I am deaf in my left ear. I hear white noise all the time like the station needs to be changed on the radio. At first it was annoying, now I'm used to it. I also have a balance problem. When I was young, I was a champion swimmer. I was somersaulting into the pool in the deep end. Now, I have trouble just keeping the right end up. I used to be a life guard, now I have to guard myself. Wearing heels is a problem, I have to walk slow, and lean to the right side. It's easier to lean on my husband, but when he's not around, I take my good old time. I wear false eyelashes because it's easier to balance my face. My left side is 'droopy', but once I put my make up on, it's all smoke and mirrors.

So, why not celebrate? Every year I think, it's one more year that maybe I wasn't supposed to have. It's one more year that I am still here. So I appreciate all of the well wishes and the love.......I appreciate my life. could have been ALOT worse!

Rose Ellen A. Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop
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Monday, May 9, 2016

The disregard of a woman's right to LIVE

I have been watching States of Undress since it first came out. I love fashion, fashion shows, different cultures and I thought what I was watching was the way people dress in other countries and how our country influences these cultures.

Yes, I was watching just that, but much more. I started with States of Undress Nigeria, then States of Undress Venezuela, then States of Undress Pakistan...and that one hit me hard.

In Nigeria, fashion is a beautiful statement just like here. There are political problems, there is corruption, many things that are unjust and sad. In Venezuela, it is important for a woman to be beautiful, because that could mean her ticket to a better life. If she is not beautiful she is bound to live in poverty and lack of education for the rest of her life.

Then Pakistan.....

I urge you to copy and paste this url into your browser and watch as this man justifies pouring acid on his wife's face because she dressed in the latest fashion and cut her hair. In Pakistan and many countries in that region, just the fact that a woman chooses to do something to affect her appearance without permission is grounds for divorce and mutilation. If you watch the complete episode, they also pour acid on her private parts to make sure she can never have children, It is not enough to divorce, they must completely DESTROY the woman.

Women in the United States have struggled and fought to vote, to have their own bank accounts, to be able to be single and still be respected. My sisters, please do not take these things for granted. Be grateful and thankful that you can choose to have as many children as YOU want, if you want any at all. You may choose to go to college if you want. You may choose to wear what you like, you may choose to cut your hair. You may marry the person that YOU give your heart to. The fact that this woman chose to wear a certain fashion and cut her hair and she was totally destroyed for it, brings tears to my eyes. The fact that the word 'fashion' is this terrible thing is so so sad.   If I lived over in that area, I would surely be dead, and I would have suffered to die, I'm sure.

Lesson for today:  BE THANKFUL
be happy where you are, who you are with, what you have, and who you are

It could be so much worse....................

Rose Ellen Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shoppe

1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104