Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why do people have to be so mean?

Yesterday I wore a very cool outfit.......I thought.  So I went to the fabric store because I needed some black satin for the fashion show that I am sewing for. When I walked in  (and this was about the 5th time I've been there) I noticed that the sales woman and another woman were conversing. I walk in the door and in my very Italian way....said.."HELLO!" to which they did not respond and looked at me like I had 4 heads. I was a little surprised, but went on about my business.

As I looked through the fabric, I could feel their eyes on me. Their voices lowered to a whisper. I have been in this position before...not a problem.  I started putting my bolts on the counter to be cut....
The customer said, "your touching my things"....I voiced my apologies.  The saleswoman did not ask if I needed help...I struggled to get 2 large bolts of 50 yards of black satin to the counter. I was in a dress, heels, and I had a large handbag.  I was purchasing 154 yards of fabric that day. When I was finished I went to the counter to check out. The saleswoman who was in an ill fitting dress, and flip flops was rude. Plain and simple. I said to her, "do you remember me? I am from the vintage, millinery down the road" and she said, 'yes'.  The other woman (customer) felt that it was time to  address me, ...."do you always dress like this?"  I said..."yes".... and I went on about my business. At no time would I allow them to ruffle my feathers. Funny, I was wearing feathers on my head!

So sad, in our culture, that we find it OK to down another woman.....I have said many times that I hate pajama pants in public. But just recently I saw a woman in pajama pants walking in front of my store...struggling with 2 small children, packages and an umbrella....I was there once. Should I go out and give her a fashion lesson? I'm sure that's the last thing on her list as she tries to juggle all of her responsibilities.  We as a human race and more importantly as WOMEN need to understand the needs of other women. We need to allow everyone to be themselves. Who made ANYONE judge and jury?

As I finished my purchases and was ready to leave, I asked the saleswoman if anyone could take these out to my car. She promptly said, 'NO'...what a surprise. I struggled to get all the fabric to the front door and went out to get my car. As I was starting to load the car, a young man of about 16 asked if I needed help. Yes, the youth that most of us see with pants hanging and foul mouth. But this young man.....on his skateboard.....giant afro.......funky clothes.......asked if he could help me. I so happily said yes.....and he did it for no compensation. I gave him one of my cards, and told him he gets a free gift when he comes in my store. I'll remember him.....  I'll remember those women too.  The women who looked down their nose at me for my way of dressing...........Just remember this ladies....the farther you look down your nose, is the farther you fall one day..............peace...out!

Rose Ellen Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Boo Hoo, Bo Derek......

Guess what ladies and gents? Bo Derek hates getting old.

She says she is 'aging like other people'  She feels, 'its not fair'..... about an ungrateful, unhappy person. I feel so sorry for her...I think she looks rather nice. She is 58.

It simply astounds me when people are ungrateful. This woman has lived a privileged life. She said she missed out on roles because of her age. Bo...I have a message for you...............

I am so sorry that you feel the way you do. But you should take a tip from some of these acresses....some are older than you and guess what? they have powerful roles. They are still vibrant actresses. So, while you are in your 'pity' mode.....they are out there doing something. 

There is a lesson here. You can mourn over everything that WAS or you can rejoice in what IS and also, what MAY BE.....Life is wonderful at any age. It's what YOU make of it. Take a lesson from these ladies below:

Dame Judi Dench age 80

Helen Mirren  age 69

Jane Fonda   age 77

Sophia Loren  age 80

Everyone has an ache or a pain here or any age. Everyone has an imperfection on their body somewhere.....Move more, eat better and smile alot....then do your best with what you've got......

get with the program, Bo!

Rose Ellen Moore   age 53
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fashion em or leave em...........

The latest fashion trend for Harpers Bizarre is a striped dress. If I wore a horizontally striped dress I would look like the broad side of a barn!   Not to mention...Tim Gunn....who has impeccable taste and who I have the utmost admiration for HATES horizontal stripes. It's just a difficult print to wear by thanks Harpers Bizarre...but NO........

Elle Magazine is raving about a 'Chic Thong Sandal' can put a dress on a pig, lipstick , heels and the whole enchilada, but at the end of the's still a pig. A thong is just that, a THONG....whether it's on your foot or on your butt, I'm not a fan. A flip flop is a flip flop,....I love flip flops, I'm wearing them today, but I am not at a business meeting in a suit, I am not in a dress for church or flip flops have their place...and lets keep it there!

Vogue is pushing catsuits, unitards, crocheted pieces, everything that every woman could wear! could it be true?????   I have some new respect for this magazine...I think it gives you ideas and what to incorporate into your wardrobe, without purchasing a whole new wardrobe. Many of these pieces can be found in fun vintage shops too!  kudos to Vogue!

Glamour magazine.. stripes but vertical, yellow...lots of yellow...(not everyone can wear that color)
plaid, black and white and plenty of cropped pants. All in all it wasn't bad, but it wasn't exciting either. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........................

Marie Claire had a fun fun FUN list of 1970's time warp retro rags! Wow! fun florals, minis, boho dresses, something for every body shape and every taste. Looking through Marie Claire's picks for summer trends was like visiting my shop! Plenty of color, prints and hemlines! something for everybody!  Marie Claire has my vote!

Cosmopolitan- mirrored sun glasses, crop tops, ......NO....just NO! not worth the read

In Style.....well...I have to say...another conglomeration of florals, lace, patterns and fun. Worth the read, many vintage finds as well. InStyle has a very good selection of things put together to give you some wonderful ideas for the summer. We are in the middle of some hot months...why not make yourself look hot as well?

That's my review for the top magazines and their trends for Summer.....Hope you pick up one of the good ones and have a good read. If you need some help finding your own personal style...stop in to see me. We will share some wine, some laughs and some great ideas!

Rose Ellen Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104