Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm so over the Oscars and who wore what................

I really enjoyed the Oscars.....there were some wonderful moments that I will never forget....
Glory from Selma being one of them.   Lady Gaga's tribute to Julie Andrews....  Graham Moore that won an Oscar and told everyone he tried to kill himself because he was different at 16 years old. I enjoyed watching the fashions. But I really hate the judgments and the make wrongs. These are artists....I say that time and time again. These are people who create masterpieces for us to watch many many years from now. Music, theater, costume design, animation, ....all has to do with art. I agree that some people chose the wrong color, (for my taste) and I agree that some people did not do their hair right (for my taste) , however, to make someone wrong, to belittle someone, is bullying. Plain and simple. 

Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osborne are not my opinion of experts. These 2 'fashion experts'  need to go sit down. (and please shut up!) These 2 people are trying to carry on the torch of Joan Rivers who, at the beginning of her career was funny, but as she got older, she was mean spirited and cruel. I never enjoyed the 'Fashion Police'.... Who dubbed these people goddesses of fashion?This stupid show was  about making fun of someone's weight, and  discussing whether a red shoe would have looked better than the black one the person was wearing. Why can't people wear what they want? Why can't people enjoy their lives without someone making you wrong for it.  Everybody has a different taste and style.  Not everyone has the desire to look 'like everyone else'. I know that first hand. If I had to wear ANY of the gowns that I saw at the Oscars, I would have been unhappy. I love COLOR and lots of it! and I'm a big girl, so I look like a giant peacock, and I LOVE IT! what would Joan Rivers have said about me?  I don't care, because her opinion, and Giuliana's and Kelly's do not matter to me. They are flies that feed off garbage, and they contribute NOTHING to the good of society. They make people feel bad about themselves.  So, I'm making myself the fashion police. I'm arresting them, for assaults on peoples' self confidence, and for stealing peoples' joy.......

Everyone has an opinion, and we in this great country are allowed to have it. And we are also free to wear the things that make us happy, and creative and fun. God Bless America.....

Rose Ellen A Moore
RCMoore for the Unique millinery and vintage shop

Monday, February 16, 2015

Remembering Ann Lowe.....Kanye West, eat your heart out.

Normally I would defend people who are creative and have a creative flare to put fashion out there and push it to it's limits. But there are some things that have to be called exactly what they are.

I don't understand why some celebrities put endorse fashions when they know nothing of fashion. Kanye West is an example of someone who is delusional when it comes to fashion. Let me refer to the photo below......

Does Kanye even know how to sew a button on a shirt?  What about all the other designers out there that are extremely talented but cannot catch a break, but because Kanye West has millions of dollars he can have a 'clothing line'....but for who?  Who would wear a pair of panty hose over their head, except to rob a house? Who would wear a pair of see-through pants? Oh I'm sorry, I see alot of those on the website 'Walmartians'....   Why would a woman go to the gym with her nipples hanging out? Who would exercise in fabric that is meant to hold in sweat?  I would love for him to answer these questions, along with this one....WHAT HAPPENED TO CLASS?    I am a firm believer that sexiness, confidence and style comes from within.  But these clothes are NON-CLOTHES! most of them don't have any clothes on. They are pieces of rag!  Someone should have jumped out of their seat, at the end, and said into the microphone, ......."I'm sorry, Kanye, but this award should have gone to...............................".....but alas, that classless act is saved for Kanye himself. I have no respect for this man, but I will say this, the one beautiful thing he created, was his daughter, North. I wonder if he would want HER in these garments ( I use that term loosely) that he put his name on. 

What Kanye SHOULD have done, was to take a tidbit of information from the first African American designer from Clayton Alabama. Her name was Anne Lowe. She was talented and had beautiful taste. She designed dresses for the high society people of Alabama. She also designed one of the most famous dresses in the world. The dress that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy wore on her wedding day to President Kennedy.  

This dress is now hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately, #AnnLowe did not receive any accolades for her hard work.  Do you know how many African American designers are not receiving their just due credits, but fools like Kanye West  get credit for something that is not worthy.  Kanye...please do all a favor. STOP....stick to making great music........

Rose Ellen Moore

Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammy's 2015

Well well we are again at another PAINFULL Monday talking about everyone's opinion about who had on what and why why WHY??????

Well...I'll make it simple. I am in NO WAY a Joan Rivers, or any kind of Fashion Police. If people come in my shop and ask me what would go with what....I will give them my raw and explicit opinion. But NEVER before they ask....AND...

EVERYONE has their own style. Especially artists. These people are the creators of sound and art and all kinds of wonderful things. They will not be dressed like they are going to the library..they are going to be OUT THERE..which makes news, which makes them a household name, which makes them MONEY$$$$$$$ CHA-CHING!  

And so with that being said, ......I will post a link to a funny website which pokes fun at celebrity fashion for the grammy's...but I will say this.

The fashions are what keep me entertained on these boring award shows. I'm sorry, they are boring. I don't want to take anyone's accolades from them, but listening to the 28th person thank God, and their parents and blah blah blah is boring. I am happy for them when they win, but I will sleep if everyone wore something deemed as 'normal'.  The fashions and the music make the show. I hope they bring it ON for the Oscars. I'll be watching............
Rose Ellen Moore

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

blending a family there such a thing???

This is a subject that has no solution. There is NOOOOOOOO perfect blend. There is just hope that everything works out.

I have 4 children...2 boys and 2 girls and my husband has 2 girls. We did not get together as the Brady Bunch. We had so many things against us on so many levels. The story is so long and sad, there isn't enough 'whatever-bytes' in 'the cloud' to store all the miserable events that have happened since my husband and I got married. But proof of the love that we have for each other is that we have overcome so many things. From racial divide, to step parenting. There is no 'perfect blend.' that is for coffee shops. There is no happily ever after. There are BIG THINGS that all kids feel at all different ages.

When marriages fail, it's usually because of all the past baggage that we brought into those relationships from our parents.  We can't help but inherit certain things. We see how our parents treat each other, and maybe we are absent of a parent, so we don't see 2 parents interacting. There are so many factors. So now, when children are brought into a new marriage, they don't know what to expect and they have their baggage.

Now that my husband and I have watched our children grow, and we stuck it out, we are watching our family come together. We are watching the child that didn't talk to this one and that one, now reach out. We have the other child who is raising a blended family, realize how hard it was for me. Many things are happening, many wonderful things.  So in this blog, I am saluting our children. They are growing every day...they are learning how the world works, and they keep on trying and we see them progressing. We love all of them...and we hope they realize how much we do. And as Carol Brady says in the Brady Bunch...."the only steps are up the stairs to the front door.."....

Rose Ellen Moore

If I could change the world................

Yesterday I had a conversation with our daughter Claysha. I asked her what she wanted to do in life. She stated that she wanted to change the world.  She said, "I know that sounds corny, but I really want that."'s not's wonderful. If only more people thought that way.  So, I sent her this link, and I hope that all of you copy and paste it in your browser.

Young people think that 'changing the world' means going to college to be a social worker. Being a nurse or doctor, a scientist, or something that would absolutely serve humanity. What young people do not realize, is that we can change the world just by doing a simple thing. A small pebble thrown into the water can make a difference for a very long time.

I am a hat maker, a lover of vintage clothing. But sometimes my job entails listening to a woman cry about her child, spouse or parent. Understanding when the world is not understanding them. Giving encouragement when they are overweight, underweight, or in poor health.  I throw my pebble in the water every day. I may not see what comes from it. I hope something does. But we can only try.........

If everyone does something kind for one person every day, ....wouldn't that be alot of ripples in the water?

our daughter Claysha Moore