Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Do we have any privacy at all????

Yesterday in the news, a model body-shamed a woman at the gym. She actually photographed her naked body, blurred out the 'vital parts' and put it on twitter. Can you believe that?  I can.

Unfortunately we live in a society where nothing is private. Everything is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here's the sad thing, are on there whether you like it or not.

I go to the gym every morning. I literally roll out of bed and put my workout clothes on. Teeth not brushed, no make up on and glasses. Hair is a frizzy ponytail on the top of my head. It's not pretty... I don't match...I don't care. I go there to sweat and take care of my body. I go in and in 1 hour, I go out. I hope and pray no one takes a photo of me, grunting and sweating with my red contorted face, just trying to get my miles in before I go to work. And if I ever find myself on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram NAKED in a gym locker room, I would go after that person in any legal way that I could. Where is the respect for someone's privacy?  Not only that, but this woman who Dani Mathers, a playboy model, disrespected, was at the gym, to take care of herself. Kudos to her.

Read the article below, it's interesting and congratulations to Christine Blackmon who wrote an open letter to this model. Just goes to show you....don't look for beauty on the outside. Something can be painted a pretty color, and on the inside, all that's there is ROT!

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