Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lets talk about something close to my heart....MY BRA!

Ladies, ladies, ladies,

I cannot stress the importance of a good fitting bra.   My daughter recently purchased our granddaughter GinaRose  her first bra. Now of course, being a 10 year old she is not in need of a cup fitting....she can basically put on a stretchy wide rubber band and be fine. BUT, it is important for young girls to know how important and basic to their wardrobe a good bra can be.

Working here in my shop, I adore all the beautiful darts that come with a 1940's, and 1950's dress. The workmanship is fabulous. The dress is so form fitted it can practically walk off the hanger itself. Long line bras and bullet bras were the rage at that time. I am amazed at the amount of women that come in the shop and their breasts are not in the right place. When a vintage garment is worn, the dress itself will tell you where to place your breasts. If your breasts are not there, you are either using them as a belt or stepping on them!

Back in the day, a woman would go to a lingerie shop or a corset shop and was fitted properly for an undergarment. Now we have places like Victoria's Secret, that focuses more on pretty lace and push up bras for cleavage and no emphasis is placed on a large breasted woman with a back problem, or the woman who has one breast a little larger than the other. I am amazed at how our society has taken a basic, useful garment and made it into an 'accessory' rather than a vital part of the wardrobe. It's always wonderful to wear a pretty bra, but that pretty bra must do a pretty darn good job of doing what it's supposed to do, or else it is useless!

So in short, I would like to express as strongly as I can to every woman out there......GET A GOOD BRA! One that puts your breasts in the right place. Your garments will fit completely different and much better. Also, your posture will be better and you will be thankful for that when you are in your 80's. And if you are in the market to try on clothing at a boutique, come with your very good bra on, and fitted properly and you will find more dresses, or tops that compliment your figure.

Now...put on your bra...and GO RULE THE WORLD!
Rose Ellen Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage
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