Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday nite Oscars and LEAP DAY!

So......Sunday nite,.....

 I had the extreme pleasure of going to the LGBT Pride in the Valley Oscar Party. The proceeds benefit the LGBT community center in Allentown PA. Why do I love this event? Why is it when they come to tell me, "what would you like to donate to the party?" I tell them,...take what you want. Seriously...that's how strongly I want to support this center. Why? My son is a gay male....and I watched him struggle through his teens with no one to talk to and feeling so utterly alone. Nothing hurts a parent more than to watch their child hurting mentally or physically. I wish we had a center where he could have gone to talk to other teens like himself. To feel comfortable. To feel accepted. No matter how many times Clayton and I told him we loved him...he couldn't love himself. He felt 'wrong'. So kudos to Stephen Libby for putting this event together. It's so nice to feel so much love in one room. If anyone missed it, please put it on your calendar for next year.

And the Oscars.....well......I'm sure that every fashionista is out their saying their opinions and of course you all know mine. Wear what you want to who you want to be. There were so many classy and beautiful gowns....and the tuxes this year were outstanding. But what I loved most of all, was that Chris Rock did an excellent job addressing the racism in Hollywood. Lady Gaga did an excellent job of representing victims of sexual abuse. Although I love fashion and colorful clothes...I love people that will take the bull by the horns and speak out about uncomfortable things. Only with dialogue can things start to move in a different direction.

and now here we are on Leap Day. It's more like Drag-my-butt day. I'm not used to staying out late and getting up at 3:30AM. Not anymore. Those days are done for me. But here I am. I won't even post a photo. When I took my husband to work this morning and I dropped him off, he ran like hell to the bus. He didn't even look back. Because he was afraid he would turn into a pillar of salt!  I have to speak to him about getting the windows darkened on the truck. I'm sure the people standing in line for tickets wanted to wash their eyes out with bleach. And even with hair up and alittle make up on, I still look like an old drag queen. Well, that's ok...............I guess I'm ready for next years' Oscar party!!!!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street
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