Friday, May 30, 2014

I am ashamed of my people..................

Last night my husband was watching a sports channel with Bryant Gumbel who was discussing the world cup games in Brazil and also RACISM in Europe. I was so disheartened when I heard this discussion and I came to a realization that even in the year 2014 we have gotten NOWHERE and that all of the fighting for human rights and for equality is in vain.  How do we fix stupid? How do we correct all of the fighting over the color of a person's skin? How do we evolve into a people that is above all of this petty bigotry? Will this ever go away?

I was appalled to read an article in The Daily Beast telling of Cecile Kyenge and her painful ordeal of trying to lead a country that is drowing in the past. This woman is educated, an opthamologist in Modena, Italy. She  came from the Congo when she was 18 and adopted Italy as her country. Not only has she given back as serving the Italian people through medicine but now she wants to give back to the entire country by educating them about racism and immigration.

Europe as well as the United States must get their heads out of the.....................sand. (And maybe a piece of their anatomy as well) We must embrace every person who has something to contribute to the country and use it as advancement, rather than being imprisoned in ignnorance. I hope and pray that the Italian people overcome their stupidness and cowardice. Fear has these people stuck.
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Just last week, in my shop, a man came into my shop and said hello to me, and then turned to my husband and said..."Mabooga booga.... how do you say 'hello' in your native tongue."   My husband turned to him and said in his beautiful Trinidadian accent..."hello".... Just his simple response, so calm and collected, made the man look like a fool.  

I am ashamed of my people...Italian people?  no....white people?  I'm ashamed of this human race of people. I am ashamed that we have learned NOTHING...and I am angry. On this day...2 days after our beloved Maya Angelou passed, I MUST SPEAK OUT. I cannot go through my life like it does not matter. It matters..,.not only to ME but to US as a whole. A world divided will never be able to survive.

Rose Ellen Moore