Thursday, July 9, 2015

Boo Hoo, Bo Derek......

Guess what ladies and gents? Bo Derek hates getting old.

She says she is 'aging like other people'  She feels, 'its not fair'..... about an ungrateful, unhappy person. I feel so sorry for her...I think she looks rather nice. She is 58.

It simply astounds me when people are ungrateful. This woman has lived a privileged life. She said she missed out on roles because of her age. Bo...I have a message for you...............

I am so sorry that you feel the way you do. But you should take a tip from some of these acresses....some are older than you and guess what? they have powerful roles. They are still vibrant actresses. So, while you are in your 'pity' mode.....they are out there doing something. 

There is a lesson here. You can mourn over everything that WAS or you can rejoice in what IS and also, what MAY BE.....Life is wonderful at any age. It's what YOU make of it. Take a lesson from these ladies below:

Dame Judi Dench age 80

Helen Mirren  age 69

Jane Fonda   age 77

Sophia Loren  age 80

Everyone has an ache or a pain here or any age. Everyone has an imperfection on their body somewhere.....Move more, eat better and smile alot....then do your best with what you've got......

get with the program, Bo!

Rose Ellen Moore   age 53
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