Friday, May 30, 2014

I am ashamed of my people..................

Last night my husband was watching a sports channel with Bryant Gumbel who was discussing the world cup games in Brazil and also RACISM in Europe. I was so disheartened when I heard this discussion and I came to a realization that even in the year 2014 we have gotten NOWHERE and that all of the fighting for human rights and for equality is in vain.  How do we fix stupid? How do we correct all of the fighting over the color of a person's skin? How do we evolve into a people that is above all of this petty bigotry? Will this ever go away?

I was appalled to read an article in The Daily Beast telling of Cecile Kyenge and her painful ordeal of trying to lead a country that is drowing in the past. This woman is educated, an opthamologist in Modena, Italy. She  came from the Congo when she was 18 and adopted Italy as her country. Not only has she given back as serving the Italian people through medicine but now she wants to give back to the entire country by educating them about racism and immigration.

Europe as well as the United States must get their heads out of the.....................sand. (And maybe a piece of their anatomy as well) We must embrace every person who has something to contribute to the country and use it as advancement, rather than being imprisoned in ignnorance. I hope and pray that the Italian people overcome their stupidness and cowardice. Fear has these people stuck.
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Just last week, in my shop, a man came into my shop and said hello to me, and then turned to my husband and said..."Mabooga booga.... how do you say 'hello' in your native tongue."   My husband turned to him and said in his beautiful Trinidadian accent..."hello".... Just his simple response, so calm and collected, made the man look like a fool.  

I am ashamed of my people...Italian people?  no....white people?  I'm ashamed of this human race of people. I am ashamed that we have learned NOTHING...and I am angry. On this day...2 days after our beloved Maya Angelou passed, I MUST SPEAK OUT. I cannot go through my life like it does not matter. It matters..,.not only to ME but to US as a whole. A world divided will never be able to survive.

Rose Ellen Moore

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Beloved Maya.............

Today when I got out of bed, I immediately turned on the TV only to find that our beloved voice of human rights, our voice of reason and hope has gone from us.

Maya Angelou was 86 and lived a long and eventful life, but her stay here was too short as I'm sure many of you would agree with me. She was not only the voice of a civil rights leader, but she was the voice of reason. She made sense when many things in this world did not.  I have her words on little note papers that surround my desk at my home and at work. ''People show you who they are the first time..."   yes they do, Maya. That's my favorite one. "Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an opinion...."....I love that one.

This woman was my beacon of hope. She was born poor, in the rural South. She was raped at 7 or 8, at 17 she was unwed and pregnant and at 18 she became a madam of a whore house and prostituted herself to support her and her son. This is a woman that SURVIVED ....but more than that...she became educated, inspite of anyone holding her down. She spoke seven languages fluently...FLUENTLY! It's remarkable to me that a poor black child, broken and abused, grew up to receive 13 honorary degrees! Just by her life and her joy in living it, she gives me hope.

This blog is to thank Maya Angelou.... I am sure there will be many blogs about her today. But I don't write to win awards, or to stand out or be special. I write what is on my heart to cleanse my spirit and maybe help others. So thank you Maya Angelou, ..your words helped me to find my voice. Your books lifted my spirit...and your life gives me hope.....

with gratitude and love

Rose Ellen Moore

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The body revolution!

Today when I came into work, I perused all the news articles out there. Of course there is war, new scientific studies on foods containing sugar, international news, and then I found this young girl. I was so thrilled and happy when I found this article. She made a large Titan of social media, Instagram, bow down with shame. Meghan Tonjes is pround of her body. She took a photo of herself in the same pose as she has seen celebraties and other 'thin' people take photos of themselves. But, HERS was removed by Instagram. Instagram sited their reasons as 'violating community guidelines'.....okkkkkkkkkkkk

Well, Meghan did NOT take a backseat. She took to another social media vein, Youtube, and shared with readers her personal journey through unhealthiness, health conscience food choices, parts of her body that she liked and parts of her body that she is not crazy about. But, for the most part, she loves herself. It's because of this Youtube video, that she has raised awareness of a 'body revolution'.  

Now is the time for ALL women to embrace their bodies! Enough of this....'I have to lose 5 pounds'...really? Will 5 pounds make you acceptable? Acceptable to who? Other people or yourself?  Listen...Love yourself NOW...don't wait. Years ago having extra weight was a sign of prosperity, it was attractive, it was healthy.Who said that skinny is the only way to go? Thin or fat, we are beautiful beings.  Embrace this remarkable body that has carried you through the times of your life. It has healed when you were has carried your children, has danced at parties...has lugged in groceries, biked, hiked, walked, jogged, and made love. Your body is remarkable. Appreciate it, every bit of it. It doesn't matter if you are minus a breast, or you have a prosthetic of any kind. Love yourself and be proud of yourself. Meghan is my hero your own hero....with love.

Rose Ellen Moore     (this is Meghan's youtube video ...copy and paste in your browser)

Friday, May 16, 2014

May 21,2014 my birthday!

Good Friday morning everyone! It's a rainy day here in PA...I enjoy the rain as much as the sun. Why? Well..when it rains, I curl up on the chair in my shop and watch old movies and drink Chai tea. It's calming and safe and the way that I like to feel.

Today I am doing some reflecting on my life, since it will be my 52nd birthday on May 21st. I have learned many things, and since now I am old enough to give advice, if you need some, I'll tell you what I have learned.

#1 People show you who they are ONE TIME! when you see someone's true colors, don't make excuses, this is who they are and you either accept it, or move on.

#2. Family doesn't always love you.  Loving you means accepting you. You can have a wonderful 'family' with people who are not blood related. Stop trying to 'fit in' with your so-called family when it is causing you pain and heartache.

#3  Having class and having respect for yourself is important. Hanging out all your parts does not get you a good partner in life. It will get you a fun night...or 2...or 10. People treat you the way you treat yourself!

#4. Wear what you want to wear. Enjoy your life. The day you get up in the morning is not going to be repeated. So live it with purpose and joy. (and be grateful for it!!)

#5 Don't waste time waiting for a special person, money, or things. Enjoy and be thankful for your life now. If you are not happy now, you never will be happy.

#6. Let your yes's mean YES and your no's mean NO! Don't be wishy washy. say what you need to say and mean it. Don't be afraid to stand up for what is not popular.

#7. Be tolerant of other people and their beliefs and their opinions. If you don't agree, or they are hatefully ridiculous, move away from them. A fight solves NOTHING and you can't fix stupid.

#8  Being spiritual doesn't mean carrying around a Bible, nor does it mean passing out literature, or preaching. Living your life in gratitude, serving others and loving is an example rather than a microphone.

#9 Don't wait for permission or authorization to live your life the way you want to. You will wait for the rest of your life...................

#10 Love and accept your wonderful self

Happy birthday to me....thank you for being my friend, for reading my blogs and for support of my business....most of all, thank you for being authentic beautiful beings that came into my life. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I hope to enjoy many more years!

Love, Rose Ellen

Rose Ellen Moore


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Channel your INNER QUEEN~~~!!!!!

So......As you all know I have been having a problem with my blood sugar and my thyroid. Sometimes I feel really low. I don't fit in too many of my clothes any more and I am always tired. My joints ache and my hair is falling out. Until they get my medication straightened out, I have to persevere. My birthday is coming up in a week and I've never felt so old. I started down the depressing path of....'Oh, when I was young I had so much fun. Oh, I used to wear this and this and this. Oh, I wish I could do blah blah blah..." and the truth of it is, I'm not really that old.  When we don't feel well physically we start to get depressed so....I've decided to channel my inner queen.

My name for the day is Queen Ferocia...I'm fearless...I'm a fighter. I look good...I'm the boss of my own life, I am the captain of my own ship. I do what I want when I want. I put on something red because it's a power color, I put on my red heels because they make me feel GREAT!  The depression starts to fade. I decided to put on my BIG WIG today...the big curls in all it's glory...YES! I'm a STAR!!!! That's not enough! I need a flower! yes...a RED FLOWER! and don't forget my push up bra under my dress!  The extra long false eye lashes! YES! I am truly Queen Ferocia...and as I was sitting in the car riding to work..I took out the brightest red lipstick I had and painted on my smile. Even though we don't feel like it....sometimes with a little coaxing, we can pull out that queen that was hiding for a minute. The person who is tired, beaten, and hurting...she can be transformed. Every day is a new day to start again. As long as the sun comes up in the morning there is more hope for me.

Ladies....for anyone out there that is feeling hopeless...tired, aching and abandoned....dig deep and find the strength to pull out your inner queen. Give her a name. Talk to her. It's ok to fake it till you make it. It's not about being a size 2 or being's about HOW we make our lives. Put on all the glitz you can and soon all that black cloud will melt away. And don't worry what anyone else says...let them stay in their black cloud....

Now get out there and make it a great day...You will not live May 14.2014 ever don't waste it!

from your friend,
Queen Ferocia

Rose Ellen Moore

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day

For those of you who don't know me personally I would like to share on this mother's day alittle of my life. I know that most of you know about my eating disorder that I have had all my life and now I will share a bit of something else.

My husband and I have 6 children collectively. We never use the word 'step' because we treat all of our children with the same love. Unfortunately things are not perfect and for one reason or another a few of our children do not talk to us or each other. We have come to accept how things are and we hope that in the future they will grow up and realize that love is unconditional and sometimes things in this life are not ideal.

The root of this problem lies with the relationship that I have with my mother, which is none. The story is long and boring so I won't even get into it. Lets just say that my mother and I haven't talked in a very long time because I have not lived my life the way she wanted me to. As a mother of 6 children that are all over the place with their religions and lifestyles, I will say that the lives my children have to live are theirs, not mine. I hope the best for them and I hope that they do good things for people and become productive members of society. I don't want to pigeon hole them into doing something that would make them unhappy. Their decisions they make, good or bad, are theirs, and they have to stand the consequences. But I love them.....and that will NEVER stop, no matter what goofy decisions they make. No matter what lifestyle they live, no matter what their feelings are about me, I love them. period.

On this Mothers Day, I would like to wish my mother a happy mother's day. Even though she does not speak to me, which is sad, but that is her choice. Do I love her? of course. She created me and I think I am wonderful!  I would not want to be anyone but myself.  I am the best part of her, Sophia (June) Villa  and my father, Alexander Matthew Holti. I am not sorry for anything nor do I have any regrets. Everything I chose good and bad, led me to where I am now. And I love my life. So on this mother's day, I thank my mother for my life. For instilling in me the creativeness that I posess and I hope that someday she comes to her senses. (my sister also) but if not, that is on them!  I will be here with the same phone number I always had, sitting in the same spot not expecting anything. They have to answer to their higher power when their life is completed.

So happy mother's day Ma...far away.....but always with me

Rose Ellen Moore
I'm the little one! 1964!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Women are so valuable!

Today my blog is a sad one and has nothing to do with fashion, style or the way you dress. Today I am focusing on the girls that have been kidnapped in Africa. As long as we keep these girls in our hearts and fresh in the minds of everyone, their plight will not go away. We MUST continue dialogue about these girls. We must convince people to stand up and FORCE our government to do something.

My business which is located at 1729 W Tighlman street in Allentown PA supports women. We purchase jewelry, bags, anything that is made by women all over the world, including our United States. These purchases that we make support many things. An AIDS orphanage in Africa, Autism, Sexual Slavery ('buy the bag, not the body') the 'undie fund' in Peru,...many many different causes. We try to build confidence in women and encourage women to raise up other women. I would be amiss as a supporter of women if I did not continue to speak out against sexual slavery. No woman should be forced to do ANYTHING that she did not choose to do.

Sexual exploitation is all over the world. Not just Africa, not just a third world country. Here in the United States I am saddened to say, that we have just as many problems with this as many other countries.

I urge all women out there to start small. Support your sisters every chance you get. Do something kind. Offer a kind word if you see a woman having difficulty. Don't be so quick to judge another woman when you don't know the entire story. PLEASE support your sisters no matter how small! Let the change begin with you! Maybe the ripple will be felt. We as women must change the way we think about ourselves. We must respect ourselves more. But most of all we have to drop the jealousy and support each other more. Please ladies......we must do something. But let that something begin with YOU!

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Roses, Thorns, Weeds and Dandelions

I haven't blogged in awhile...mostly because we have been closed!  It has been 4 days shy of 2 MONTHS that we have been closed!  I thought this would be the end of us, but my husband, who is the most determined man I know, brought us through.  He also kept me positive when I thought the world was coming to an end.   Just goes to show you, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you weathered the storm. Life is so chock full of weird crazy horrible things...but you can't be afraid. You have to face demons, stupidity, adversity, racism and jealousy...but in the end, if you hold your ground, you will be victorious.

And so with that being said, I would like to give out some awards today...... my husband, Clayton!  I love this man with my heart, soul and gizzard! He is amazing and extraordinary! I am blessed....

ROSES to all of our friends who helped us move. How can we ever thank you? Sometimes people don't have to say they love you....sometimes all they have to do is show up.

ROSES to our landlord!  Wow...we have a wonderful new landlord that truly wants to see our business succeed. We appreciate that...because this is one man with a vision that knows..if we succeed, he it's all good.

THORNS< WEEDS AND DANDELIONS to our previous landlord who was so unreasonable. All he cared about was money in his pocket, not his building, not the people, and definately not the city of Allentown. Some people allow greed to rule their world....and it makes them ugly.

So now that we are open, our hours are 10AM-6PM Mon thru Sat. Your handbags must be registered at the counter. We are excited and happy to serve you and we hope that you enjoy our most unusual shop!