Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm blogging about a touchy subject..........FUR!

In Elle magazine this month, one of their articles was about a woman who's grandmother bought her a fur coat 27 years ago. She wore it only a few times even though the coat kept her warmer than any others and she loved it because her grandmother gave it to her. But she was afraid to wear it because of the confrontations she would get with strangers regarding the treatment of animals to make her fur coat.

We at RCMoore for the Unique have vintage clothing and also vintage furs. We try to be kind to the planet by recycling clothing that other people do not want. We make costumes, we repurpose items to make them look beautiful. It is challenging and fun. I restore old hats along with making my own new hats. The fur coats that we have are from many years ago, but they were well taken care of.

 My own personal views on wearing furs are this. We live in the United States of America. We are on this earth with all kinds of people who have all different opinions. We have meat eaters, and vegetarians.  If you are a strong advocate AGAINST furs, then you better not eat a hamburger, you better not have a leather purse or a pair of shoes.And that suede skirt? toss it!  If you are a strong advocate against wearing fur, then that is your opinion and you have a right to that opinion. As well as the person choosing to wear a fur.

The message I am trying to send here is tolerance. Lets not get ugly about things. People have the right to choose and I thank all the veterans of our United States that gave their lives that preserved my right to choose. Whether the fur you  wear is real or faux, respect each other's opinion, and live peacefully.

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, November 29, 2013

Perception is the key~!

As we look forward to the Christmas/ Hanukah/ Kwanza holidays, and then the new year, we tend to reflect and in that reflection sometimes become depressed about things we could have done differently or about family that is not here. I know for myself, that, among all my blessings I still feel a sense of loss for my mother and father, and for my sister, and for my children that are not near me. But life is like a diamond. We can turn it around and look at a different color in any given direction.

I have the power to choose whether I want to be happy or be sad. And sometimes that sadness can be addictive. Some people find their sadness to be a 'comfort zone'.  Some people have been sad so long, that it feels uncomfortable to be happy.  But truly, happy is a choice. We have that choice every morning when the dawn breaks. We decide how the day goes, no matter what actions others may do, or catastrophies befall our government. We have the power over our own lives. We can choose to be miserable or we can choose to smile through it all.

Life is hard. You may see people with the perfect body, the perfect outfit, the perfect make up, and you have no idea what is going on in their lives, behind their closed doors, or with their health or finances.  Every single person in this world has something going on. One day it can mean excitement or fun and the next minute it can be tragedy. My wish for everyone for this holiday season is as follows:

1. TRY EVERY DAY! and never never never give up~!  Try to stay on your healthy eating program! try to be kind to a person you can't stand! try to put a smile on your face when you feel like crying! Try to do your best! TRY TRY TRY!

2. Make a conscience choice to choose positivity! choose happiness! choose love! choose HOPE! choose tolerance! choose compassion!  don't forget- we are one step away from being in the other person's shoes.

3. RESPECT yourself and others!  If you can't get out of the rut of feeling sad, then allow yourself some time to cry. Just a short time. Give yourself respect and compassion and practice it with others. And sometimes when you help others with their problems, your problems get smaller.

4. Enourage other people to follow these rules, and they should encourage you when you are having a difficult day.  Enlist your army of friends to join your circle of happiness.

There is always going to be a war somewhere, there is always going to be sickness and starvation...there are going to be bullies, murderers, and  thieves. But if each of us try....we throw a pebble in the water that causes a ripple. And with all of us together doing the same thing, we can create a tidal wave.

Rose Ellen Alexandria Moore

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My 37 wigs..............

Gregory Griggs

Gregory Griggs,
Gregory Griggs
Had forty-seven
different wigs.

He wore them up,
He wore them down,
To please the people
of Boston town.

He wore them east,
He wore them west
But he could never tell
Which he loved best.

I love this nursery rhyme. It's so me. Why? Because I like to change my look every day. If you follow me on facebook, you just never know what my look is going to be from day to day. Why do I do it? Because I like to play. I like to make people laugh. I rejoice in doing something fun and I absolutely LOVE color and sparkle. When people look at me they think I'm a bubble head in a wig, but in truth, I hold a degree in corporate accounting, I play 6 instruments very well, I went to computer school, andI can put a computer together from nothing, I can cook, I have a certificate in cosmetology as a teacher, and more than any of that, I love life, love to laugh and I love people. So...I may be wearing several different kinds of wigs. All different colors and lengths. But under this wig, is a heart full of love and a mind full of ideas. Remember that saying, "you can't judge a book by it's cover? You can't judge anyone by their looks. 

My message to women today is....Have fun with how you look. Learn to ignore ignorant people. What everyone else thinks is none of your business. Put on your suit of armour and let all the negativity bounce off.  Enjoy LIFE!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukah, and enjoy your LIFE!

Rose Ellen Moore

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Someone make me a man............I want to be a drag queen!!!!

On Wikipedia the definition of a drag queen is as follows:

"drag queen is a man who dresses, and often acts, like a caricature woman often for the purpose of entertaining. There are many kinds of drag artists and they vary greatly, from professionals who have starred in films to people who just try it once. Drag queens also vary by class and culture and can vary even within the same cities. There are drag artists of all genders and sexualities who do drag for various reasons or purposes."

I don't know if any of you have watched RuPaul's drag race, but I am it's biggest fan! I love to watch the creativity, the gowns, the sparkles, and most of all the respect and care that they give themselves. Watching these men transform themselves into beautiful women is an art. I watch with awe as they apply each eyelash and lipstick carefully to create an illusion. Isn't that what life is, afterall? 

 At the end of each show RuPaul says, 'if you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else ...can I hear an Amen?" and of course the whole crowd yells AMEN! because it is so.   I love RuPaul. He has done a great service not only to gay men of the world, but also to women. He tries to instill a sense of pride, a sense of love for yourself and above all, respect for yourself and others. 

It does not matter if you agree with same sex marriage or not. It does not matter if you agree with another person's lifestyle. We need to practice tolerance and respect for each other. We are all made in a very unique way and no other person can judge another person for the life that they live. 

So my message I give to everyone today isthis:  love yourself and others. Respect yourself and others. Tolerate yourself and others. And in the words of RuPaul:

" If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else....CAN I HEAR AN AMEN?! "

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, November 22, 2013

Easy tips for moms

I am sure that all of you are saying, " What is SHE going to write about getting ready for parties with kids? What does SHE know?" Well ladies, I KNOW!   I have 4 of my own children blended with 2 of my husband's children, and all of that was NOT the Brady Bunch!   Let me tell you something...I have experienced all kinds of illnesses, real and imaginary. I have experienced every kind of behavior problem, trying to get all of us ready for family gatherings, family photos and that does not count trying to get ready for work on a daily basis.

I remember being dressed in something very nice, and then having a child wipe their nose on your hip...smear jelly on your shoulder as their crying. I me , I know. So, here are some helpful tips on how to maintain your sanity.

#1.   If you are late, so what?  No one is going to spank you...  Better to be late then get in an accident. So take your time and try to manage your time wisely.  Start in plenty of time to concentrate on 1 child at a time.  start with feeding them well. Then washing, then dressing and plan to pull out a new toy that does not involve paint or markers. Something fun that they can keep quiet for a bit until you get yourself done.

#2.  Put on your dress and then cover it all with a large man's shirt. This way, a child cannot 'ruin you'.  Best thing is to put on your dress first, then do your hair and make up. We will get to easy hair and make up in another blog.

#3. Do not doesn't do anything except put the children in a bad mood. Sometimes no matter what you do, children want to be near mom. Let them be. I remember some of the greatest pleasures was watching my mother put on her make up and do her hair. It's how little girls learn not only to do these things, but also to take pride in themselves.

#4  Remember...these moments don't last forever. Your children will be small one time. So try to take the stress out of it. If you need alittle help, enlist a high school student to come in a keep an eye on the children until you are done. A few dollars well spent.

#5 If you have wine...pour yourself a deserve it!

Rose Ellen Moore

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

happy face :)

Now that the holidays are here, I see so many articles out there about putting on your 'best holiday make up' or, how to get that' holiday glow'.   Well, here is something that the articles are not telling you....

What you put into your body, will show on the outside of your body. If you are addicted to fried foods and potato chips and you don't drink ANY water, you are bound to get pimples, black heads and uneven skin tones. Water is the number one thing that your body cannot get enough of. TRY to drink at LEAST 33 oz. of water a day...if you can do up to 64 then please do. I know for me 33 oz is pushing it, but I make the effort and that is important. Also, fresh fruits and veggies are important. I always say, if you can't pluck it, pick it, or catch it, don't eat it. If it is pre-packaged, leave it alone.  Of course we are heading into the holiday season where people are partying and there are sweets all over the place. That's ok. Don't beat yourself up. Just walk alittle more, park alittle farther away from your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Eating a couple cookies is not the end of the world.   Making better choices is what is important. Instead of reaching for the soda, reach for water with alittle lemon. Artificial anything is not good...and that includes people too!

Your best holiday make up needs to start with a good skin care regimen. Whatever product you choose, stick to it, invest in it. In the long run, you are investing in many years of good skin. ( I have invested in Mary Kay when I was 26. The best beauty tip I have!) short, try these 5 beauty tips:

1. get a good skin care regimen
2. eat good fresh food
3 drink water!!!
4 get enough sleep
5 wear a big smile!!!!!

Have wonderful holidays!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Blues

I know that many of you are having the Christmas blues. What gift should I buy? What should I wear to this party? OH GOD! My inlaws are coming!
Listen up...............................

Drop the drama. Do not allow society to dictate to you how much money to spend or what to wear or how to act.  I was reading a magazine article in Allure Magazine for December and it had so many words of advice that I do NOT agree with.

On page 108 was "How to Throw a Holiday Party"...the advised their readers to 'spring for the best cavier'...ARE YOU KIDDING? I hate to tell you how much this stuff is. Then the magazine listed some songs you should play at your party. Are these some sort of 'magical' songs? What's wrong with playing what you like?

On page 110 was "How to Give a Gift Card'.  They said 'why not slip it into an accessory like a Clare Vivier clutch bag or a vintage jewelry box. my mind, if you purchase the Clare Vivier clutch bag or the vintage jewelry box, then there is NO NEED for a gift card.

In the special advertising section, Allure advises you to 'give your crush a fighting chance' at the office party. That is a definate NO NO! I do not advise dating in the workplace. It can get complicated, ugly and public very fast. I love this one..."move your chin out and down for a sharp jawline in party snaps." So in every photo you like like a Jay Leno impersonator? Are they for real?

Look, here is RCMoore's advice for this Christmas season, as it will be for EVERY season.

1. Enjoy your friends and family. Let them know from the start what your intentions for gift giving is. Maybe you would like to put your money into a large holiday party for all of them. If one of your friends talks behind your back and doesn't like it? Well, perhaps this person is not your friend. Pose for a photo NATURALLY...don't go sticking out your jaw, or sticking out anything! Enjoy your life, enjoy the season...It's the season to give, that can also mean, give YOUR TIME, give YOUR LOVE...give YOUR FRIENDSHIP. There are some things that money cannot buy!

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, November 16, 2013 in all forms

Today I want to give a shout out to people who are brave enough and courageous enough to be proud of themselves dispite what society dictates as beautiful.  We all have been bombarded with images of the perfect figure, the perfect hair, the right color eyes and what society says what we should look like. Today I want to publicy recognize REAL PEOPLE. The people who have lost a limb in an accident or by defending our country. The people who have been 'born this way' ...the people who are truly beautiful.
Albino black woman...beautiful

Armless woman....beautiful

mastectomy......beautiful and ALIVE!

disabled model...beautiful!

disabled fashion show

fashion show featuring disabled models...beautiful!

I thank these women from my heart...for being my inspiration for gratitude every day. They have overcome super large obstacles and inspite of everything, are living life to the fullest!  I hope they inspire you today.

Rose Ellen Moore

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Welcome to the Quaintrelle Club

I know what you are thinking- is a quaintrelle a bird? No- it's a very unused word. a Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes a life of passions, expressed through a life of personal style, leisurely past times, charm and cultivation of life's pleasures. My beautiful friend in Jamaica, maureen Scott brought this to my attention.  So how do we as women live as quaintrelles?

#1 Be true to yourself.  Never try to duplicate a movie star, celebrity or another person. It is nice to tain inspiration. But the best person you can be is one that is authentic! your own personal style has to shine through in all that you do.  Don't be so fearful of people snipping about you.  Let them in their negativity.  Just shine on.  If something makes you feel beautiful, then, "emphasize your passion expressed through your personal style."

#2 Cultivate life's pleasures by doing things to please others as well as yourself.  Spread love. Do good deads.  Give someone a smile. Encourage your sisters.  Sow seeds that will spread and make the world a better place.  All we can do is try.

The word quaint means attractively unusual. Don't we all like to feel special? And being unusual is not so bad.  I like being different. I leave an impression.  Why? I get their attention! The first thing people see when I walk in is probably my 3 inch fasle eyelashes and red lipstick. Then probably my big smile. Then they have to take in the rest. The high heels- figure hugging dress ( and I am not small!) and black hair or whatever hair I choose to wear that day.  But they won't forget me~! I am a quaintrelle- I am attractively unusual- with my own sense of style- living a life of passion-cultivating seeds of warmth, love , and unity. You may talk about me if you want. I hope I make you laugh. I make me laugh too! But I love being so unusual!

So....BE TRUE! BE YOU! and welcome to the Quaintrelle Club!

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, November 9, 2013

fashion police needs the anti bullying police!

I know that most of the world watches Fashion Police. I love Joan Rivers and I think that she is the funniest woman....and also a great pioneer!  Kelly Osbourne has grown to be a beautiful woman, but she did not always look as wonderful as she does today. We all grow and change in one way or another. The important thing is to have compassion for the next human being.

On my blog I complain about women who wear no underwear, or men who wear their pants around their knees.....those are things that are common sense. No one should be distasteful.   But bullying people over their weight or what they choose to wear is not appropriate. Jennifer Lawrence who is known for playing Katniss Everdeen  on the Hunger Games publicly spoke out against Fashion Police as did Lady Gaga. The interview was as follows:

It's safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence is not a fan of E's hit show "Fashion Police."
During a Yahoo Q&A session Thursday, Lawrence called out the show -- which features hosts Kelly Osbourne, Joan Rivers, George Kotsiopoulos and Giuliana Rancic highlighting the best and worst in celeb style each week -- for promoting "wrong values."
There are shows like 'Fashion Police' that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on all the wrong values and that it's OK to point at people and call them ugly or fat," Lawrence said. "They call it 'fun' and they say 'welcome to the real world' -- and that shouldn't be the real world. It's going to continue being the real world if we keep it that way. We have to stop treating each other like that and stop calling each other fat."
In past interviews, Lawrence has lamented the fact that she's considered "fat" by Hollywood standards.
"There are unrealistic expectations for women, it's disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire. It's something that really bothers me -- because I love to eat," she said during the Q&A.
Lawrence isn't the first celeb to hit back at the E! show. Lady Gaga criticized the show in January in an open letter to Kelly Osbourne.
"I have empathy for you Kelly, but I feel it culturally important to note that you have chosen a less compassionate path. Your work on E! with the Fashion Police is rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people's beauty against one another," she wrote.
"'Appearance' is the most used reason for bullying in the world. Your show breeds negativity, and over the years has even become comedic in nature. It glorifies you and Joan Rivers pointing in the camera, laughing, and making jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals. 
I am so proud of these 2 celebrities who voiced their opinion and felt to protect people out there who are being criticized. I don't believe in wearing pajama pants in public. I don't believe in going without underwear for an event with a short dress. It is not appropriate. Hair rollers, bedroom slippers and shower caps are for AT HOME. going out in public should be 'dressed to impress, dress for success' kind of thing. Self respect is important. Hate mongering of any kind is NOT appropriate, Our society needs to understand that people have many different unique tastes and styles. Wearing RED pumps with a black dress should not be criticized. I break fashion rules every day, but the one thing that is important is that I AM ME! And no one can duplicate it!   So..............

Fashion Police....You are hearby ARRESTED~!   Cease and desist hatemongering of any kind!  I will no longer watch your show until you have realized that we as individuals of this planet can cover our bodies in whatever crazy getup we want. Helping someone have taste, class and self respect is one thing,...but insulting them and destroying their spirit is another.  Stop fueling the fires of hate. 

Rose Ellen Moore

RCMoore for the Unique Individual, because NO ONE is quite like YOU!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

beauty is DIVERSE

Make this the time....the time for recognizing beauty in every form. My father always used to say that everyone was beautiful as long as they smiled. I agree... this year has been the most diverse of any year on the runway in NYC and in Milan. There are some designers that stay true to THEIR version of beauty, but they are few and far between. The majority has spoken. The average person is not white, blonde, and slim. The average person is beautiful!  Do not allow race, body size or hair style or color dictate who you are as a person. Do not label yourself. How can you when you are mixed?

Beauty is everywhere....just open your eyes and see 

Rose Ellen Moore

Saturday, November 2, 2013

try something NEW!

I know alot of you read the fashion magazines and then go on a wild hunt trying to find something similar. Here are a few ideas of what can make your November fun :

As we are heading into the holiday season, sparkles, sequins and metallics are more than welcome!
try a pretty necklace for evening.  This one shown in Glamour magazine is $6,400 from Tiffany and Co.
Now just in case you can't write a check for that amount:
try a pretty faux piece, like the one at our shop.  This necklace includes the earrings for 48.50

I came across another article showing how to throw alittle metallic fun into your wardrobe. Try a jacket or a pair of pants, or a purse. 

instead of spending a pound and a crown on these beauties, try a pair of our metallic shorts or a jacket for pennies. In fact, our jacket is on the half price rack!

Above all, it is important to HAVE FUN when you dress. Don't look at it as a chore. Always keep a "GO TO' outfit for when you are not feeling your best. A basic black dress with beautiful jewelry. A funky pair of comfortable jeans and fun jacket. Whatever it is, always be true to you and don't worry about what anyone else THINKS! YOU are YOU!  And LOVE IT!

Rose Ellen Moore