Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Magda Olivera and other centenarians

As a woman of 52 years, I am always worried about what little time left I have to do all the things that I want to do. That was, until today.   A woman inspired me in her death. Magda Olivera is a famous Italian opera singer. She died on Sept 8th at 104 years.   She was performing for people up until she passed away.   The following is a link, that you can hear (she speaks only Italian, but at the end, she sings, and even though at times she runs out of breath , her trained voice is remarkable.)

It wasn't until I searched for her video that I discovered another video....Polly Roesch, 100 years young sings with full orchestra. She brought me to tears with 'Let there be peace on earth'....Lord knows we need that now.

Then on listening to THAT video, I saw another, Lou Batori, 100 years old, skiing and enjoying himself. Born in Hungary, now skiing in Michigan.

Then I came across Fern...I love her earrings,
then Jessie, at 105...

Video after video I found of so many men and women enjoying their lives at 100+   singing, swimming, skiing, dancing, and all of them that were interviewed said the same thing. They didn't mention one thing about money. They said they look forward to friends, the love of family, the enjoyment of the things that they know how to do. The appreciate what they have and they forgive, and reminisce and appreciate every second of their lives.

Well, I'm not going to wait until I'm 100 to do that. But I hope that I make it as long as they did. I want to thank them for giving me inspiration, for lifting me up, for making me feel alive. Sometimes in the death of others, you see alot of life.

Rose Ellen Moore
1729  W Tilgman Street
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ray and Janay Rice...shame on both of you!

Today I was reading my twitter feed and found out that Janay Rice is defending her husband. He knocked her out cold, and she defended him.

I know there will be many many views on this subject. I probably will raise alot of haters out there, but the truth of the matter is this.

We have all been in relationships where it gets to the point where you want to pound the hell out of your mate. But we don't. Why? Because it's not right. Why let it get to that point?  When you argue..the best thing to do is NOTHING!   don't yell anymore. Make your point later. Don't hit, scream, call names...because nothing will resolve when you are that mad. And nothing can be taken back once it comes out.

I work with my husband every day. I go home with him every night. Are there times we argue? HELL YES! are there times I want to punch him? HELL YES! are there times he wants to punch me? HELL YES YES YES!!!!!   But we don't go there. It cannot be taken back. When we disagree....and we start to argue, we go in our corners. We get away from each other. We take a break. Lets think..lets cool down...lets regroup. Nothing gets resolved with hitting and name calling. And more than anything we realize in a bit, that this is the person who always has my back. I have his and he has mine. I love him and he loves me. After awhile the anger subsides, and we can calmy discuss the issue at hand. That's what grown mature people do.

Now this man is booted from his job. Good. I am glad that the NFL made a stand. This behavior is not acceptable.  Now Janay is defending him. This is a giant step back for every woman who has endured domestic violence.  What's the matter Janay?   Is your lifestyle now gone? Was it more important than your life and your well-being?  What if your child witnessed that horrific behavior? It would have taught a young girl child that 'it's ok to be hit by your husband' and if it were a boy child  'it would be ok to hit your wife'.   WRONG!

I hope that both of these people get counseling.  I hope Janay especially gets counseling...because I would like this woman to know something. Hitting and being hit , name calling and abuse, is NOT OK AT ALL AT ALL AT ALL!!!!!  No matter man should be dragging the woman he loves out of  an elevator on her face!   Is this marriage irrepairable? No....not if both of them get serious counseling...but they have to be serious and they MUST adhere to boundaries. God Bless them both....they need it.

Rose Ellen Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street'
Allentown, PA 18104