Thursday, December 26, 2013

my friends

Good friends are hard to find. Many don't even know what they are. My definition of a good friend is as follows:

A good friend allows you to be yourself with no judgments
A good friend tells you the truth
A good friend can forgive you and you forgive them
A good friend never hurts you intentionally
A good friend is always there for you no matter what
A good friend understands
A good friend wants the best for you
A good friend never keeps score about who does what for who
A good friend can pick up where you left off no matter how long it has been since you've been together
A good friend picks you up when you are down

I have been blessed. For years I did not have any good friends. I had people that passed through my life that used me and hurt me. Even family members. But now, I have found a truly unique and beautiful pod of friends. They have watched us build our business with anger, tears and determination. They have seen Clayton and I at our best and at our worst and yet they still supported and loved us through it all. They have given us advice, listened to our rantings and ravings and laughed with us. We love them and we thank them for being in our lives and we hope that we have many more beautiful times together!

Here's to a great 2014!!!!

Mona Toliver, my friend since I was 19

Mary and Tony

Adrian and Monica

Nadyne and Steve..(need a pic of Steve)

Joanie Caruso 




Gilbert family


Lori and Dave (need a pic of Dave!)





Val and Gary!

Jerry !!



Olivia and Tom (need pic of Tom)!!

thank you from Clayton and Rose Ellen Moore

Rose Ellen Moore

Monday, December 23, 2013


as we approach 2014 I am seeing the 'best' and 'worst' dressed in 2013 lists popping up all over the place. Some of these looks are actually very nice. I don't know who are the judges of these things. I can say this...not everyone's taste is the same and......these people should be commended for taking a chance and wearing something that THEY like and they don't care what other people think.

lets go to photo number one:
this is Madonna in fishnet and heels.
I'm sorry, but If I had a body like hers I would rock this all over the place. She is in her 50's people and she looks great! she is an artist and she is owning her look. Owning it is feeling confident and liking it. You rock, Madonna!
Look number 2:
Solange Knowles rocking shorts and silk shirt. 
This is unflattering but she could have pulled it off with bigger hair and a more confident attitude. She is a beautiful girl, why not show off that figure?  A different pose would have been nice. 
photo number 3:
Lady Gaga....she is a true artist. Lady Gaga always wants to shock, wow and make a statement. Why not? Would I wear this? No...but Gaga? she can wear anything and I would still love her. why? Because she is right out there owning it, loving it, and showing people how pop art can be fun. 
photo 4:
This is one of the Olson twins, She is always wearing vintage and of course vintage is my forte. Everything she has on is terrific. The one faux pax is that she is standing there like a wet cat. Pose, Vogue...come on, work it girl!!!! She looks like she is unhappy wearing it. I hope next time she strikes a pose. 
photo 5:
Rhianna is wearing 2 pairs of pants~!  yes she is...but she is loving it, looking fly I have to say. Worst dressed? nah! Unique...YES! work it, girl!
photo 6:
Kerry Washington looks like she is off to find the yellow brick road...but she is stepping out of her box. and who knows...maybe this will be a new retro look for 2014. She is beautiful and that cannot be taken away!
Photo 7:
Lena Dunham is sporting a field of poppies...
She is posing and apparantly loves her dress...good for her!
Photo 8:
Ahhhh Niki Minaj! I love her...what fun! she looks great, what's the problem.  Work it , girl!
Photo 9:
No list could be complete without a Kardashian in it. But I like this outfit...she has curves~! And she likes her curves. Loving yourself is the key! work it, Kim! 
Photo 10:
Miley!!!!  I have no idea why this was on the worst dressed list...she has a young body...she is making a statement, "please stop violence" and she is owning it. I say....Leave her alone! she looks great!  

My point for the day yourself. Own your proud, confident and beautiful. don't worry about being on someone's best dressed or worst dressed list.....enjoy your life and enjoy being YOU! 

Rose Ellen Moore

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Difference Between Vintage and Thrift Stores

Good morning! Welcome to my brief tutorial about Vintage versus Thrift shops. I know that since we took over this consignment store in December of 2012, we have received many questions pertaining to the cost of our items, where we get them, how our policy works, etc. In this blog, I have decided to give a brief Q&A session on what makes us tick.

Consignment shops are stores that hand pick items that individuals bring in and then they price them accordingly. As they sell, the amount is split between the consignor and consignee. It's usually 50/50 split unless repairs or cleaning has to be done.  RCMoore Unique/The Good Buy Girls consign only furs and couture items that are very expensive. 

Vintage items are from specific periods of time. Usually they are rare and unusual. Prices range from 10.00 to $500 or even more. RCMoore Unique/The Good Buy Girls search all over the world for items that are unique rare and funky. We are priced according to market demands and we are well known in the theater groups for being the 'go-to' place for costuming. We also make our own costumes if a group needs something. 

Thrift is usually lower priced items that you can find anywhere. Thrift stores usually sell things that are donated. The proceeds usually go to a charity. RCMoore Unique/The Good Buy Girls is NOT a thrift store. We do not sell donated items. We have paid for the items we sell and also, we cater to the UNIQUE. 

We also sell NEW items that are unusual. We have a wide variety of clientele. We support women owned businesses which is where we get some of the crazy jewelry we provide. I hand pick every single item that comes in this shop. It's here because I like it, it's unusual and funky. Sometimes we repurpose it to make it even more unique. Don't be afraid to stop in and try us.  I promise you will like it here, and you may not ever want to leave!

See you soon!

Rose Ellen Moore

Thursday, December 19, 2013

So what exactly is beautiful? Is it a woman or man with a perfect form? Is it the smile of child? Is it a garden full of flowers or a perfect sunset? I learned long ago from my grandmother that beauty is class. By class I mean respect for oneself. Respect for others. A beautiful heart and a smile for everyone. So, with that being said, I am starting a blog for the women who feel less than beautiful for whatever reason. For the woman who is badgered on a daily basis from her husband, boyfriend or family members and feels worthless. For the woman who has cancer and learns that she must lose whatever part of her body due to this illness. For the woman who feels she has failed as a parent because her children did not make the wisest choices and now have to pay the consequences of their choices. For the woman who feels rejected by society because she is too many sizes bigger than the 'normal' woman.  For the woman who feels as Pink says, "Less than perfect".  I am here to give women hope, confidence, and to make them feel beautiful at any age and at any size. No matter what is going on in their lives, I GET IT! I've been there and I've cried the buckets of tears, punished my body and mind and now at 51 I am here to say, approval from anyone is not important .  Approval from your Creator and from your inner self is all that's needed. Like a dinner at a beautiful restaurant, presentation is key. Imagine yourself as a beautiful decadent desert...chocolate, with whipped cream, complete with a cherry on top. Sitting on a plate of confidence and served with a dose of positivity and love. 
     Lets start with the desert itself. A woman needs to present herself at her best every day. That's hard, but start with a litany of gratitude every morning to put your mind in the right perspective. Choose an outfit that reflects the inner you. Don't choose something to HIDE rather choose something to ENHANCE. Then, make up, jewelry, hair....(I can hear some of you...I DON"T WEAR MAKE UP>>>I DON"T LIKE TO DO MY HAIR) ok ok!  lets try a hat...lets try a about a beautiful head wrap....we have options. No make up? about just some moisturizer and a complexion cream that will even out your skin tone. that's it!   wearing a dress? Don't forget your hose!!! and if you say it's too hot? well....make sure your skirt is to the knee or below. Nothing screams ' no class low class '  than a woman with a short short dress and no stockings~ Proper undergarments are important as well. Make sure your bra actually performs a function which is LIFTING UP! If your 'sisters' are not in the right place..get a new bra! got a tummy? I do too. Try some spanx or some support hose to get everything smooth and tucked in. Ok..we are all together. Desert is complete. Now for our plate. Whatever you have on....LOVE IT! OWN IT! Walk with a purpose, head up, back straight ....there you go! Do you have to walk passed a group of men on the sidewalk to get to your job? are they harassing you? Just keep in your head...they are not the fashion police. If a man does not tip his hat, or his head, or give you a kind word or a simple hello, he is not worth a look or a gesture. They simply do not exist. It only takes a minute to walk passed, you blessed them with your presence, now they are gone. Simple. 
        If women at work are talking about you? great! that means you are doing something right. Because usually other women who have low self esteem HATE women who have confidence. What to do? Nothing. You keep doing YOUR do...and leave them in DOO DOO! They aren't worth the nit picking and aggravation. Don't let them take what you have away. Now serve up your delicious desert to everyone who would like to have some. Serve with a smile and there you woman. And remember, there is a special place in hell for a woman who does not lift up her sister. Remember that as you enjoy being the beautiful desert that is called YOU!

Rose Ellen Moore

Monday, December 16, 2013

What and who is the perfect woman?.......ME!

This morning as usual I came to work and scrolled down the never-ending streams of news on my facebook newsfeed. I came across one that was alarming and well-written. The link is below:

 A woman named Racheal Wright writes a blog for "The daily Hit". She wrote that a make up company took a survey and discovered what the 'perfect woman' looks like according to men. Well, Racheal had alot to say about this. I came to love this woman as she explained to these misguided people, that beauty comes from 'imperfections' comes in all forms. The gap in your teeth may be attractive to that one man who loves that itty bitty thing about you...She writes that "comparison is the thief of all joy." and she also writes that Perfection is boring...which it is.

I came to admire this woman as she spoke for all sisters. She asked, "why is it that white women are seen as the model for beauty?"  Yes, why does society do that?  Why should society dictate how thin my thighs should be, or how straight or curly my hair should be?  I always read fashion magazines to inform myself of what is 'in' for the season. Only to find that my hair or complexion is 'out'..  They can all go to HELL! I'm always IN! I like me! AND...If WE as WOMEN do not put our foot down and let society and fashion magazines, and movie stars know that WE do not CARE what they THINK then we will always be a prisoner and a victim of their opinions.

I hope that all of you read Racheal's article and I hope that all of you realize how special, and wonderful each of us is made to be. Put your best foot forward and a smile on your face.  I guarantee you will look much better than these 2 faces mixed up of the 'best' of hollywood's glamour. What makes you YOU? All the beautiful things that you do and think make up the beauty in you. The amount of time and care you put into your job, taking care of your family, doing things for others, being crazy fun with your girlfriends and enjoying some good music. Maybe you are a writer of poetry or children's stories..maybe you make jewelry, art, maybe you are a police woman, a lawyer, an advocate of somekind. Pick all the favorite things about yourself and reflect on them. How wonderful are you!  Whoever you are, enjoy your culture, your beauty, your LIFE!

Rose Ellen Mooire

RCMoore for the Unique Individual...because NO ONE is quite like YOU!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get your green eyeshadow off ladies!

So many of the women in the media have nothing good to say about other women. I hear so many things on a daily basis of women talking so badly about other women. I hear heavy women downgrading skinny women, and I hear skinny women talking badly about heavier women. Why can't we embrace each other as sisters and support each other? 

According to Cassandra George Sturgess Psy.D who is a psychologist and also a columnist for Today's Black woman magazine, "As a counseling psychologist working with women, I have discovered that one of the indirect causes of why women are disloyal to each other is based on self-hatred and low self-esteem more so than the need to hurt other women."
Article Source:

Women are so hurt and maimed by society that they are disloyal to their friends and family, they are hurting deeply with self hatred and low self esteem.  Society has pit women against each other as a competition. Who has the largest breasts, who has the best body? Well...really, it should not matter. Women have had to fight for so many years for so many rights that are basic to a man. We have had to fight to vote, to have a thought, to have an equal job that pays an equal pay. And STILL in this year of 2013, we are expoited, put down, beaten, insulted and disrespected and much if starts with US! 

We as a gender of beautiful beings MUST lift up each other. We MUST cast away judgement and criticism. When a woman looks beautiful, TELL HER! If you cannot do it, that means you do not love YOURSELF! We must learn to embrace our bodies and our flaws and be confident. In our confidence, men will find us attractive. So ladies, remove your green eyeshadow and put on your red lipstick. Feel SEXY about yourself and beautiful! When you see a woman that needs encouragement, give her some. When you see a woman that lacks self esteem, give her some of yours. No woman should look down on another, unless we put our our hand to lift them up!

Rose Ellen A Moore

Monday, December 9, 2013

NO HATE! what Nelson Mandela has taught me.

Today as I do most every morning, I put on the TV as I get ready to go to the shop. I always choose something bright and colorful to wear because I like to be in a happy mood. Well...don't ever try to do that and listen to the news. My husband is a news hound and so for him, I didn't change the channel. But for me, it left me sad and tired, like I had put in a full days' work.  Why does the media muck rake? Why do people rejoice in seeing other people suffer? What is the importance of always being right at the sake of totally ruining someone else's life?

Here at RCMoore for the Unique...we practice tolerance every day. The church people shop next to the strippers, who shop next to the transgenders, who shop next to working moms, who shop next to teenagers, who shop next to Latinas, African, West Indians, East Indians, Catholics, Asians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, Hindus, ....everyone!  Everyone knows when they come in our door,you can be your own unique self.

There have been many many articles on Nelson Mandela. I watched this morning as so many articles had negative posts and I could not understand why. This man was labeled a terrorist because of so many things he stood up for. He was imprisoned for many years and yet never hated anyone. He stood for the people even at the sacrifice of his own personal life. I can't understand where the hate is coming from and it is sad. I honor and respect anyone who stands for equality for all. Who stands for peace. Who tries to make people come together, even when those people are misunderstood. Nelson Mandela was that man.

 So I say to Nelson Mandela,

 "good bye, Tata...your life was long and very hard. But it was not for nothing. It planted a seed in my mind of how I should live my life. I want to live that life. I want it for my grandaughters. Thank you for your journey"

Today is December 9th..the almost end to another year. I hope that in the future there will be more of the following things:   TOLERANCE!  EMPATHY! COMPASSION! UNDERSTANDING! and most of all.....LOVE! we have to change, or we will destroy ourselves...............

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
- Nelson Mandela - “Long Walk To Freedom”

Rose Ellen Moore