Friday, March 25, 2016

Being a WOMAN......

Today is Gloria Steinen's 82nd birthday. I want to publicly thank her. She said alot of things that made sense. She taught me to be proud of who I am as a human being, and as a woman. Women are strong. We can take and we have taken alot of CRAP!

Let me show you a timeline that I researched. :

1920- women were finally allowed to vote. Thanks to Susan B Anthony

1921 Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League. Now please understand, just because she founded it, did not mean things went smoothly. Birth control was hard to come by and abortions were out of the question.

1936- the government no longer classified birth control as obscene.   (gee thanks!)

1955 First lesbian organization is founded. They just wanted basic acceptance.

1960- The food and drug association approves of birth control pills. you have to persuade your doctor to prescribe them for you. and if you were married, you had to have your husband's permission. Also in this same year, a man cannot commit his wife to a mental institution without just cause.

1963- Congress passed the equal opportunity act. Unfortunately this did not stop employers from reclassifying women's roles and giving them different titles so they got less pay. This still happens today.

1965- Finally.....even if you are married you MAY take birth control without your husband's permission. Isn't that nice of them?

1971- Gloria Steinem founded MS magazine. This magazine gave women alot of information and many men didn't like it. She forged on. and told women to band together and create a sisterhood.

1973- A woman gained the right to choose weather or not to have her child. Unfortunately many states still do not recognize this law.

1976- it is now illegal for a husband to force his wife into sexual relations

1978- a married woman can have her own bank account without her husbands consent.

I stopped here because I'm exhausted....and I was just trying to make a point. Point being: many women come into my vintage shop and say....I miss the 1950s!   I wish we were still back in the 1920s! NO NO NO!   Enjoy the fashions just goes round and can still wear the things from way back when. But who really wants to go back there? Look at all we had to fight for. And it was harder for Ethnic and African American women as well. This is not a 'put down' for men. This is an "appreciation" of how far women have come.  We are not second class citizens. Men cannot procreate without us and we cannot without them. We need each other. Men and women. We need to respect and value our gifts to humanity.

And so on Gloria Steinem's birthday, I would like to publicly claim my support to my sisters. ALL my sisters. All races, ethnicities, cultures and walks of life. We must support each other and hold each other together. Because at the end of the day, we hold the world together.

Rose Ellen A Moore
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